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December 01, 2006

Performance Appraisal System – First Impression

Today’s Thought

Pay by Effort? Pay by Result?

Focus on effort, ignore the result? No way. Business is not charity
Focus on result, ignore the effort? Too much variation inside, can hardly say it is fair. Result by itself means inaccurate information and even completely misleading.

Performance Appraisal System

Like people say, it is hard to measure individual??s performance. But we still have to measure it, otherwise how much we are going to pay for our employees? In my opinion, here comes the second best solution. Performance Appraisal System. It may have mainly two negative aspects:

1 This system is naturally faulty:

Because just can’t measure individual??s performance with so much variance inside. And also, there is no standard method exists to measure individual’s performance, one method may apply well say 70% on one person, but due to different condition, same method may only be 30% good on another person. Human are very different from each other.

Such system creates an environment allure people not to do it properly. Once set the target, people will always pass it. And it also encourages competition inside the team but not collaboration.

2 The people inside system create problem:

Data collect from employee may just worthless, completely random figures. Poor Income Poor Outcome. The result is misleading and not very helpful. The people who handle the data, say outside auditor for example, may lack knowledge on our organizational system, not understand the existence of unique variation, the result will surely misleading.

Consider the boss who decides to apply such PA system, from Nelly’s example, set a loose control on the results, give average mark to everyone, what is the purpose to have PA system in the first place?

From four aspects: Knowledge, System, Variation and Psychology. If the leader or manager don’t understand any of these, they will not able to make correct decision on how to judge people’s performance from the results of PA system.

Sharing Same Philosophy

Things exist for purpose, it continuous due to demand (not always positive…). In this case, PA exist because it is the most feasible approach, not the best one, but the available one. Like CV, exam, all those measurement tools, none is actually good (perfect) at measuring. From ancient time until now, because (most^^) people are not mind reader, we need some kind of method to measure.

When team3 had the meeting this noon (plus guest speaker Ray O_o... ...), we discussed quite a lot on the positive and negative elements of PA system. I think, this method got positive element because it fulfill people’s (basic) requirement. But the negative element is not just about the straight results from this approach, such as give someone incorrect salary or upset few employees. The major negative part is, this system bring (or at least give space for) competition inside the team, therefore teamwork will be destroyed. This long term effect is the worst.

November 30, 2006

Debut of LLL

- L’s Learning Log -

Finally~~ got time to start, actually just survive from a month full of accident and surprise, exhausted, but feel my capacity is expanding.

I got this plan of record learning from EEE course, since the first day of PPE module. From the first week, there are three major concepts I find very interest and need further consideration.

  1. Performance related pay / Reward to individual
  2. Give “space” for people to perform
  3. Can you take you daughter to work

These three concepts actually got a very close relationship with leadership, they reflect issues include: How to motivate people, Level of leading and what is influence, personality requirement of leader.

Today’s Learning

Not Abuse Positional Power and Headship

Sounds simple but hard to achieve, hypothesize on reason?
1. Personal power is hard to cultivate;
2. You may remember this now, but when you start at lowest level of manager and suffered from promoted and finally climbed to become boss, can you still remember this virtue?

“Absolute power lead to absolute corrupt” but it’s not the power that causes the problem, as always, the enemy is us. People chase freedom and also dream for power, when you finally “empowered”, Can you hold your desire? Can you keep a normal heart? Since the majority can not do that, it creates an environment that entices you to abuse power in hand.

Make a great teamwork – team 3.

Since we really enjoy work together in “team one”, sometime I just casually talk a lot about last GREAT team experience, unwittingly. But this really affects the growth of current team. Experience is good, it helps, guide you through, but it also annoying new team member sometime, especially at the beginning of collaboration in teamwork. What should be done is find the balance. Let’s make another legendry teamwork :)

Today’s Thought

How to become a LeaderSource of Power?

I didn’t start this discussion during the group exercise when Paul mention about related topic, we just got too much different idea on several topics, really not helpful to intro a new one…

I use to think about this topic, where is the true source of power in human world. First of all, not consider too much for the existence of super power individuals – superman…...(I hope there is, bring hope to human at least :), physically strong, he got power because he is the strongest one. We can assumer human are all physically equal, no one can survive from one gun shot at head. We are in a equal situation.

Under this situation, what is leader’s power? I think it is the follower, People. Not just people inside, but also include the people in this world. In the case of great empires, they fail due to lack of power, people no longer following/believe/trust them. One man alone is nothing. In the case of company, when boss shout at employees, he is actually shout at his the “source of power”, without them, that boss will be nobody.

In china, there is a very old adage: ?¨°¡À?, these four words actually means, Human-Heart-become(not that accurate…)-Oppose, basically it used to describe the fall of empires and leaders. It starts with people following you, it ends due to people leaving you. One great emperor use to saying: people are like water (ocean), it can float you (his empire), it can flood you. Words like this have been passed from one generation to next generation, so popular and well know, but it’s amazing how many “leaders”(in government, company etc) are ignoring it. (Part of reasons can refer back to Deming, wisdom like this become slogan :)

In here I didn’t mention position power or personal power etc, because these terms are focus more on why people following a leader. Sure we need to consider about money, but this one is not the essence behind.

I just got too many questions and assumptions. So I really want to use this learning log, as a place sharing thoughts and ideas, so please make comment and start discussion on anything in here that you feel interest. We will learn more from discussion and argument; refer back to an old story, How can you keep a water drop not vaporized? Put it into ocean. One man’s thought is not useful/enough, lets unite our knowledge and learn from it.

October 14, 2006

Deming The New Economics – Quotes

4 out of 5 stars

Today I discovered the library and was fascinated. At my faculty we had the behind the scenes library – you could see only a selection of books and everything else was down in the basement and available upon request. But here … all those books – and you can open and browse any one of them. Back to Deming. Not exactly a review of his book, but some interesting quotes up to page 50.

It is easy to date an earthquake, but not a decline. (p. 5)

Unfortunately, almost everyone has an answer on how to achieve quality. (o. 13)

Quality of the product is the responsibility of management. Quality cannot be delegated. (p. 16-17)

Have you ever heard of a plant that closed? And why did it close? Shoddy workmanship? No. (p. 17)

Anyone outside the control limits is in need of special help. (p. 26)

Reward for good performance may be the same as reward to the weatherman for a pleasant day. (p. 28)

If people do not see the process, they can not improve it. (p. 30)

It is wrong to suppose that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – a costly myth. (p. 35)

To copy is to invite disaster. (p. 36)

On comission, focus was on sales. On salary, focus is on the customer. (p. 40)

Wherever there is fear, there will be wrong figures. (p. 43)

October 11, 2006

Time management

So we’re suposed to manage our time so that we can get the degree, learn something and also enjoy free time as well. All fair and square but what if you plan your week and other people mess it up? What if you do your tasks, but because others don’t you can’t get on with your next task?

This is again about Team 2. Why is it that we agree on reading certain things in the afternoon so we can discuss them the next day and then noone reads anything? The discussion time is supposed to be dedicated to discussion and not reading what you were supposed to read the day before. I just feel that we’re not getting anywhere (not even England as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern would say) – I do know that it is “only” a mini project but why is it taking so long to complete it then? We should have been finished with this and probably ISO so we can start researching for next week.

I truly hope we’ll be able to find the ropes so we can actually spend 5 hours each on each assignment instead of 10-15 hours each. Any thoughts on this???

October 04, 2006

Anyone else freezing on campus?

Ok, so we only get one fridge per flat but we get a complimentary freezer room? How come the heating is only mildly warming the radiator pipes but not the actual radiators? Sure the whales would be fine in these temperatures but my fat supplies are not sufficient to take this much longer :(

/me looks up to the skies and asks the gods of heat to send some to Tocil

July 19, 2006

Predestinated hostility, predestinated encounter

Recently watched a cartoon called “wolf and sheep”, it’s about two hostile species establishing true friendship. No matter how disagree from the sheep family, or how disdainful objection from the wolf family, wolf Gabel and Sheep Mei just ran away from their home town, stayed in a jungle, watching moon light every night, and forever.

Have to say, wolf and sheep were much luckier than Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet from two hostile families, also predestinated encounter, love lead them to their path, they felt in love, but could not last forever. Juliet was going to fool everyone by pretending death, after that she could fly away with Romeo to have a new life, where no fighting, no combat at all. However Romeo thought his beloved was dead, so he ended his life by his sword in front of her coffin. And when Juliet woke up from the potion, what she saw is Romeo’s corpse, so she ended her live by Romeo’s sword, following her lover to another world.
Yes, all coincident caused this poor couple could not be together forever in the earth; but their immortal love just lasts for several centuries as classic. Is it only when our mortal fresh faded, then our fragile love could flare as stars? Is it mortal human being, have to accept the flowery love wearing away in drops as time goes by?

When people trade off love for money, fame, power, someone sacrifices live for love, should it be worshipful? Or it is pathetic? Eventually, love just a luxury, very few people could afford it, most people only could choose the commodity. Hopefully, Cupid will not be unemployed in the future…






June 29, 2006

personal space for my singing

Dear all:

I found a nice space to upload 100M stuff, so I put my self singing there, including guitar play and karaoke singing. the link is:

by the way, alex you can register one and record your guitar playing there as well, haha.

the space is: www.castpost.com

June 27, 2006

Me, BA

215CMC Multimedia 2
Project (Prj)72
Coursework (Cw)72
Module Mark (Mm)72
Grade (Gd)Pass

306IS Advanced Human Computer Interaction
Coursework (Cw)78
Exam (Ex)94
Module Mark (Mm)86
Grade (Gd)Pass

326IS Computer Project Management
Coursework (Cw)61
Module Mark (Mm)61
Grade (Gd)Pass

344IS E–Commerce with Mobile Technology
Coursework (Cw)77
Exam (Ex)77
Module Mark (Mm)77
Grade (Gd)Pass

345IS Interactive Multimedia
Coursework (Cw)81
Exam (Ex)71
Module Mark (Mm)74
Grade (Gd)Pass

That AHCI exam mark is great. So, the question now is.. is that lot enough for me to seriouslyconsider going for an Honours? Apparently I have a bit of time to think about it…

Programme: BA in Multimedia Computing (MISU097) Stage 3, Evening at Coventry University as Final Year starting on 3 Oct 2005 finishing on 9 Jun 2006 Overall Result: Pass
Dated: 15 Jun 2006 Commentary: You are eligible for the award of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Multimedia Computing. If you accept this award now, you cannot return next year to upgrade it. You must inform the Academic Registry in writing before the 31st August which option you wish to take.

June 13, 2006

Gliffy – collaborative illustration package

Writing about web page http://www.gliffy.com

Gliffy example image

Gliffy is a new Flash–based service that offers a range of tools for creating diagrams and drawings, via the browser. There are a few things I like about it:

  • Collaborative working; Gliffy allows you to add collaborators who can edit the drawing. It maintains version and edit information so that you can revert to a previous version at any time.
  • SVG/JPEG export
  • Fun; the interface has something warm and fuzzy about it – the chunky icons and handles make it easy to use and most of the essential drawing tools are there – grouping, fill, rotation, text formatting etc., plus some nice additional features – gradient fills, drop–shadows etc.

I wonder if something like this would be useful for students in the sciences, especially for group project work? The examples page gives a good idea of what it's capable of, including class diagrams, flowcharts and technical drawings.

May 16, 2006


Follow-up to Last but one… from [Ux]

Sorry to all the Warwick people still in the middle of their exams, but me:


If I pass, I get my BA, if I do well, I have a limited window of opportunity in which to decide whether to take the option of carrying on for an honours.

The E–Commerce exam generally went ok. We'd revised the right stuff and the case study was nice and helpful, allowing you to simply cross–reference it with the key methodologies and terms. My hand hurts from writing, and was turning into a horrible scrawl towards the end, but hopefully they can read enough to work out what I was trying to say.

Fingers firmly crossed…

May 12, 2006

Last but one…

Follow-up to 2 down, 2 to go… from [Ux]

The Interactive Multimedia exam then; I think I answered all the Lingo questions ok, but struggled to write 25 marks–worth on the 3D engine requirements for the two types of game. Hopefully I've done enough for a decent mark though. Direct hits on the event messaging/handling stuff I reckon, slightly wider of the mark on everything else.

Now to forget all that and start thinking E–Commerce. Night off revision tonight though. :–)

May 11, 2006

2 down, 2 to go…

Follow-up to 1 down, 3 to go… from [Ux]

65% for my IT Project Management test; don't know if I'm happy with that. Hopefully it's more a reflection of not reading the textbook and poor revision than a lack of PRINCE, RUP and SSADM knowledge, but over half of the questions seemed to be based on underlying detail that we've never covered in class, so I can only assume it was in the textbook.

Tomrrow it's Interactive Multimedia; bring it on. I should be fine with VR, splines, NURBS, subdivision surfaces and control hulls, games hardware and software, and three solid weeks of Director and Lingo mean I reckon I can decipher any 'what does this code do'–type questions.

On a more positive note – no more evening classes, possibly ever. :–D

May 09, 2006

1 down, 3 to go…

Follow-up to Exam stress from [Ux]

HCI was ok I guess – some of my answers were a bit frilly, but I reckon I passed. I wish I'd gone for the pervasive computing question rather than the WebCT one, but hopefully I got enough questions right. Attention now turns straight to Lingo and VR revision, with a dash of IT Project Management thrown in for the in–class online test on Thursday.

May 08, 2006

Exam stress

Greg's just headed home after we spent all evening revising at my house for the HCI exam tomorrow. Our heads are about as full of CUSTOM, OSTA, USTM, GOMS/KLM, Nielsen, heuristics, principles, SSM, participatory design, affordance, constraints, mapping and cognitive aspects as they can be, but we're both very nervous about providing rational answers from such a wide range of subject matter. Exam starts at 9:30am and lasts for 3 hours.

Then we have the IT Project Management test on Thursday (tough because I haven't revised properly for it), followed by the Lingo/Games dev exam on Friday (not too worried about that one), then finally the E–Commerce/Mobile Technology exam next Tuesday (hardish). :–(

May 04, 2006

confession and continuous improvement

recently I have been doing research at home, for assignemnts and for the dissertation, at the mean time I downloaded some buddist movies for mental renewal.

in Buddist philosophy, confession and continuous improvement is very important. we should confess everyday, or at least reflect everyday to understand what we have done. something we have done well, something we have done wrong, something in between then we should improve.

how to improve ourselves? there are three points:
1. shame yourself. what is the difference between human being to other being? we will feel shame. e.g. when we did something wrong we will feel shame, when we realised our weaknesses we will feel shame. shame yourself give us an opportunity to look at our heart deeply and clearly.

2, fear. some people will say: no of course not! I wont fear anything! only coward have fear!

yes, maybe you are brave enough to try everything, or handle every situation, or face any difficulty, but this fear is linked with your consciousness.

some people they fear nothing, because they dont believe in karma, causes and consequences. they thought they could escape the law after they did something so called clever, and believe no one could ever know. every concequence has a cause, if people could escape this life, oneday they will still taste the bitter, only matters the time. how can we not fear?

nothing is certain in this world, only death and tax. when that day comes (not the taxation day) even you want to improve or confess will be too late. all your dreams, your ambitions, your reputation, will stop where they were when the death reach his hand to you. time is always so little, and always so much to do, how can we not fear?

3. brave

we always try to give ourselves many excuses to defer day by day. I will do it tomorrow, I will do that next time….not good!
facing our own mistakes and weaknesses plus trying to improve ourselves, it takes bravery. a hero is brave, and a person who try to admit his mistakes also trying to improve is another kind of hero too. mariah carey sang a song hero, that hero exists in everyone, it is our own concsiouness and bravery!

so, continuous improvement one hand need a mentor to advice you; in another hand, you need to believe karma is your witness.

April 26, 2006

Multimedia project complete

Finally finished the Flash application that wraps the video piece work, and I'm really pleased with it. I managed to get the webcam motion-tracking working so that the user can interact with the video piece without touching the mouse or keyboard at all. The dynamic filtering in Flash is really amazing – here's an example of my code that allows the webcam to control a realtime blur filter;

//import required filters
import flash.filters.BlurFilter;
var camera= Camera.get();
//set a minimum motion level (level, reset time)
camera.setMotionLevel(5, 50);
//set BlurFilter parameters (blurX, blurY, quality)
var cameraBlur:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(2, 2, 1);
//camera exists?
status.text = "You need a webcam to use this room"
} else
//attach output of camera to video object onscreen
status.text = "Webcam found"
//check for activity on each frame tick
onEnterFrame = function () {
//reset filter arrays to empty if no activity
if(camera.activityLevel < 5)
video.filters = new Array();
//alter blur according to user movement
camera.onActivity = function (mode) {
cameraBlur.blurX = camera.activityLevel * 7;
cameraBlur.blurY = camera.activityLevel * 2;
//set dynamic filter
video.filters = new Array(cameraBlur);

The effect of this? I have a video playing that responds directly to user movement, adding realtime blur – which is particularly effective over the abstract light trails and images in the video piece.

I have another test app that does much the same thing but uses the convolution matrix classes, allowing you to use your hands to alter the colours, brightness and contrast on an image or video – fantastic stuff. I'd like to try and tune the filtering so that it's a bit smoother – on my webcam the motion detection tends to fly up and down a bit. I also want to add 'zones' where you separately control RGB, blur, width and height etc., so despite handing this in as it is I expect to keep playing with it at home over the summer to develop these ideas further.

April 09, 2006

knowledge, asset, technology

these 3 are inter-related and interdependent. technology could not exsit wothout proper knowledge and financail asset to develop. knowledge could not renewal or move on without asset (financial) to support. Asset requires knowledge and technology to maintain and develop….

the principle actually is similar to the material vs intelletual consesus. without material suppot intelletual could not last long, without intelletual support material just empty shell. what makes human being became the king of the nature? intelletual, it is the spring of our lives, it's the light of our darkness, it's the oxygen for our soul. however without material support, our body would not be there, so there will not be a carrier for the intelletual.

outsourcing topic

this is interesting topic too, you outsource what you lack, and someone who is good at it offer what you want.

good relationship and marriage should be two ways mutual outsourcing, we both offer each other something we are good at, in the same time we recieve something we lack from each other, hopefully during the whole process we all develop and improve out life, mind, attitude…

(to be continued)

tacit knowledge consideration

this is a very interesting topic, tacit knowledge is more likely to be the philosophy consesus rather a business aspect.

(to be continued, after my PEUSS)

April 08, 2006

the profound sorrow

What is the grief making you so painful?

The profound sorrow

The sorrow deep in your bone and heart

Even in your blood marrow

When someone could not make you stay

Does it mean you don’t love any more?

Or you don’t have the strength to fight with your fate

What is the furthest distance in the world?

Is the death and alive

Or the distance between the sky and the earth

No, the furthest distance in the world

Is the distance of our hearts

Oppress our emotion

In connection to the profound sorrow

April 04, 2006

Nearing completion

Follow-up to Director homework from [Ux]

Tonight saw the game almost done – scoring system is in place, collision-detection stuff is written, music and most of the sounds are in, start and instruction screens are just about there too. After playing it for while, I think the AI needs tweaking a bit – too linear.

April 03, 2006

Director homework

Another homework session at E-Lab tonight finally saw a minor breakthrough in the Director game project. Information on Lingo seems to be relatively scarce on the web (compared to Flash at least), but thanks to the Google Director/Lingo Group I was able to cobble together a set of behaviours that now form the basic mechanics, including a nice cursor-follow behaviour, with easing. All sprites are currently simple vector shapes – Greg is producing the character animations that will be imported later.

So, what's left to do?...

  • hitTest stuff
  • Scoring system
  • Import real cast
  • Co-ord lists (part-done)
  • Dest vector calculations (part-done)
  • Start screen/instructions
  • Music and sound (part-done)

That'll be everything then :-(

I really don't get on with Director and Lingo – there are so many places for code to exist (frame scripts, movie scripts, cast scripts etc.) and I'm so used to ECMAScript syntax now that I find it difficult to read and comprehend an example as quickly as other stuff. Two weeks and counting…

March 29, 2006

5 stories



(立场不同、所处环境不同的人,很难了解对方的感受;因此对别人的失意、挫折、伤痛,不宜幸灾乐祸,而应要有关怀、了解的心情。 )

Different Situations

There are one pig, one sheep and one cow lived in the save place. One day, the shepherd caught the pig and tries to pull him out. Pig was crying, sheep and cow were annoyed by his noise, said: “What is the matter? He often catches us and pull us out, we never cry!”
The pig said: “That’s completely different! He caught you for your wool and your milk only. He caught me for my life!”

(People often cannot understand others in different situations. When you see others frustrated, hurt, painful, please try to care them not laughing at them. )

2、 靠自己

妈妈:因为蚯蚓弟弟会钻土, 大地会保护他啊。

Depend on ourselves

Baby snail asked:” Mom, why we have to carry this heavy hard big shell since we born?”
Snail Mom: Because we don’t have any bone to support us, so we could only climb but very very slow. Therefore this shell is here to protect us.
Baby snail: but why caterpillar has no bone either, she doesn’t need to carry this shell?
Snail mom: because caterpillar could become butterfly one day, the sky will protect her.
Baby snail: then earthworm has no bone nor became butterfly one day, why he doesn’t need to carry this shell?
Snail Mom: because earthworm could drill, so the earth would protect him.
Baby snail cries: we are such poor creature! There is no sky or earth to protect us.
Snail mom said: Honey, that’s why we have the shell! We don’t depend on the sky or the earth, we depend on ourselves!

3、 鲨鱼与鱼

曾有人做过实验,将一只最凶猛的鲨鱼和一群热带鱼放在同一个池子,然后用强化玻璃隔开,最初,鲨鱼每天不断冲撞那块看不到的玻璃,耐何这只是徒劳,它始终不能过到对面去,而实验人员每天都有放一些鲫鱼在池子里,所以鲨鱼也没缺少猎物,只是它仍想到对面去,想尝试那美丽的滋味,每天仍是不断的冲撞那块玻璃,它试了每个角落,每次都是用尽全力,但每次也总是弄的伤痕累累,有好几次都浑身破裂出血,持续了好一些日子,每当玻璃一出现裂痕,实验人员马上加上一块更厚的玻璃。后来,鲨鱼不再冲撞那块玻璃了,对那些斑斓的热带鱼也不再在意,好像他们只是墙上会动的壁画,它开始等着每天固定会出现的鲫鱼,然后用他敏捷的本能进行狩猎,好像回到海中不可一世的凶狠霸气,但这一切只不过是假像罢了,实验到了最后的阶段,实验人员将玻璃取走,但鲨鱼却没有反应,每天仍是在固定的区域游着它不但对那些热带鱼视若无睹,甚至于当那些鲫鱼逃到那边去,他就立刻放弃追逐,说什么也不愿再过去,实验结束了,实 验人员讥笑它是海里最懦弱的鱼。

Shark and fish
Someone did the experiment before. He put a vicious shark with some fish together in the pond, but using special glass to separate them. At the beginning the shark attacked the transparent glass everyday, he tried to eat those fish but he could not. Every time staff change a new glass when the glass had a small crack, it became harder and stronger material, the shark often attacked till bleed.

Eventually one day, the shark stopped attacking the glass, so the staff removed the glass, but the shark still stayed in his side. So the experiment was off, staff laughed that shark was the most coward creature in the ocean.

But people who hurt in the relationship before all understood why-because the shark doesn’t want to get hurt again.

4、 神迹




A small town in France, it said there was miracle spring water could heal many diseases. One day, a retired soldier with one leg only arrived. People said: “poor guy, does he want to beg the God give him another leg again?”
The soldier heard it and answered: “No! I want to beg the God to show me how to move on my life without one leg.”

(Try to accept the fact what you lost, and try to appreciate what you lost. Whatever lost or gaining in our lives, we should try to light up the fire for our future, don’t cry for the pass and try to find out the meaning of the lives.)

5、 钓竿


Fish Rod

An old man was fishing by the river, a kid saw it and came next to him. Old man likes the kid so wants to give the fish to him. The kid said no. old man surprised: “why not?” the kid said: “I want to have your fish rod.”
“what you are going to do with that fish rod?” old man asked.
The kid said: “the fish would be eaten very shortly. If I have the fish rod, I could fish for myself, then I could always have fish.”

(You might think he is a clever kid, but he isn’t . if he only asked for the fish rod, he cannot even have one fish at all. Why? Because he doesn’t know how to fish yet, so only acquire the fish rod is useless. The trick for fishing is the fishing TECHNIQUE, not the fish rod. many people thought they have the fish rod so they have everything. As the kid thought as long as having the fish rod then he could always have fish, employees thought as long as they sit on the director’s office then make them always have money.

March 28, 2006

KBAM study – 2

Found time to work on the PEUSS assignment and later took up the KBAM module sheets. Most of the asset management practices mentioned in the module are practiced in our company and able to appreciate it. The module notes gave insight on why central utility is held alongwith ISD and why contractors are managed by CU in TVSM. Some of the best systems and practices in TVSM like TPM,ISO,OSHAS,....were explained. Not sure how far will others in the group would understand all these things. But felt that there were few repetitions from the area of Finance, which could be accepted due to the relevance. Spent some time on asset management and need to focus on knowledge management in the next few days. Tomorrow morning we (the team) will have a meeting at the learning grid to decide on which areas to focus on.

KBAM study – 1

Paul presented the objectives and learning outcomes of the module. The module is going to be with an entirely new way of learning, no class room teaching, no lectures, no internal assessment….its only the self drive and quest for learning which is going to push the module learnings. It would be a different experience for us. Hope to experience it. The syndicate exercise – Meetings on meetings…went on well, with Jane the general manager, Me the food and product manager, Vlad the training manager and Gez the front house /reception manager. The team discussed the issues quite smoothly and was very amicable. It could have been better if such a exercise (with minor modifications ) is held during leadership and excellence module…which might be useful to explain the leader's role or during the CRIP process (Catchball process). I did the summing up on learnings of the exercise and went on well. Later we had a team meeting and decided to go through the KBAM material and meet again on Wednesday to decide further course of action.