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March 28, 2007

How do I define…….? Realistic thinking…..

There are many situations recently that make me to think about these questions. The story went back to last Xmas, when I had a discussion session with my father and several his business friends. At the end I was regarded as a dreamer in an ideal world, like a lot of other graduates who would likely to be at their first entrant of any organization. There were a lot of confusions, but I was not able to work out the answer. Today the situation happened again in the seminar. I was asked by Paul whether my ideas would work for my future employers. After the seminar, I think the right questions raised on my head, which I think could bring me a step close to the root answer.

Firstly, how should I define myself? Appropriate definition of oneself is regarded as one of the hardest thing in human life, which requires a continuous self assessing through every stage of life. The self-assessing requires a principle to measure, which is defined by the knowledge that we have.

Secondly, how should I define others and our system? What has been ignored is that others may have their principle and the system (me and others) has its principle. The system is much more powerful than any individual within the system. As Covey suggested, before seeking understood, understand others first. Therefore, understand the system and others within the system should be our first priority. In other word, we should try to understand and be part of the system before change it.

As Deming emphasised in the SoPK, the system is constructed by a group of people, and the people within the system drives the system. Therefore, it is obvious that respect and understand others’ principle would help us to embed in the system. During this process, we could also build relationship with others which is the most necessary intangible assets, power and condition that we need before start to influence others. As time pass by, we could also observe a lot of root problem of the system. By solving these problems with other members and learning from each others, gradually we build our relationship and solved the problem. Although this process may take us a life-time, be patient is still the key. Quick fix can only make the problem even worse.

Then realistic think is to appreciate the current system that we have, and to appreciate others’ principle and situation before any actions. Effective influences are spoken by action and willingness to share the contribution and knowledge with others. Eventually together we (not I) could optimize the overall system. And most importantly: be patient.

Special acknowledge to Mr P Roberts and every classmates in EEE. You taught me idealistic principles and wake me up with realistic thinking….

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