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December 05, 2006

Miracles come from understanding and appreciation

Today we had three sessions about the leadership and strategy employment. What a meaningful day in my life again! I wish all the people in the world could have a week EEE session in their life, and then our world would be full of miracles.

The strongest reflection of me from today was understanding and appreciation. For instance, understanding the system, understanding the people surrounding you, understanding your colleagues, understanding your team mate, understanding Jack Welch, understanding Deming, or even just understanding yourself.

As Deming emphasised a system is about interdependence relationship. We could have all kinds of different systems in our life; for instance, the world could be a system which contains human, other animals, plants, hills, lands, air and the whole environment etc. Human is interdependent to all the elements within this system. It is like teeth and lips, without lips teeth would feel cold. Similarly, an organisation could be a system, where all the members are interdependent; a CEO does not mean more than an engineering worker or a cleaner to the system. Everyone does their best for the best benefit to the system. Therefore, every single human life would situate in all kinds of different systems.

More meaningfully, we not only need to understand the systems and all the elements within them, but also need to appreciate them as well as appreciate the system. All the understandings and appreciations would wake up the miracles in our life. Think about all the greatest scientist, musicians, artist, leaders etc, the miracles in their life are come from understanding and appreciation.

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