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May 29, 2008

day 33

day 33

I believe... an abnormal A always causes a special I'll do it!! I like doing experiments~oh yeah! I just like the sense of being creative; nothing else......However, the reason why I can be brave enough to do experiment is because I have a home to go back to. What if I didn't have one? what should I rely on? Maybe I'll rely on my is just as if to create another self to be the most faithful and trustworthy companion. I'm glad that I have a home and my family members are open to each other...I can't imagine the life without them...but I think I may have to face that terrible situation some I'm training myself to be used to lonliness...and the best way to deal with it... in my to be creative! 

May 24, 2008



How can Vicient Fang's thoughts being so similar to mine? Sometimes when reading his lyrics, I felt as if the lyrics were parts of myself and were talking to me. Maybe it is because we both grow up in Taiwan?? Anyway, I really love his lyrics and it is a very enjoyable process to translate it.

my translation:p  :

There has been no pure soul

since human fell into being Orc

I started to use "I" with active tense

to document what I've seen from the world


Everyday waking up in the brutal forest

we know even the morning can't prevent us from any sort of attacks

So I started to search for the ancient spell

to compose the song of soul prelude

to help us find ourselves


Facing the kiss of evil

we shall turn our back to it

So we can remain pure and be human again


Please rock our soul

instead of being brutal in order to survive

let us calm down, recalling how we become Orc 

Please make how we see the world clear and simple

not yearning for eternity, not being faithful to violence


Please rock our soul

stop the hatred and the continuing wars

Please make how we see the world clear and simple

Let us be humble in front of the faith having existed since once upon a time


The wind is awfully chilly

our tear is boiling

Horses are running

few people can sleep properly

I'm waiting for my muse the complete the song of soul prelude

so I can lead people to write down the words for prayer. 


May 16, 2008

day 31


I started prefering to use "she" instead of "I", because I have become civilised.

May 10, 2008

day 30

day 30

I was planning to do a project for my course about intercultural communication, but it then turned out to be a project about msn conversation. I chose msn to be the media of interculrural communication because it was easy to keep the records; I could easily get a large sum of data. However, during the discussion with my tutor, we found lots of things to discuss about msn conversation.

After doing the research, I temporary come up with the conclusion that while communicating via msn, it is more suitable to exchange information than to develope relationship. Since the facial expressions, intonations and gestures are "absent", it is easy to have many misunderstandings when the two people share different "common sense" about msn.

Besides, I also think of a story I've overheard. He said he and his friends liked to play online games very much. One of his friends had a she-ID, and found it was easy for him to flirt with other guys online. So they used the she-ID to made many "boyfriends", asking money from them to buy food and drinks. When the "boyfriends" wanted to see "her", they called a pretty girl (also one of their friends) to chat with the "boyfriend" with video. Whenever they wanted money, they just picked a "boyfriend" and said "she" wanted to buy clothes.

Imagination is powerful.   

May 01, 2008

day 29

day 29

I remember once I asked my teacher  "when can I learn the traditional Chinese painting?", she told me, "first you must learn how to write the colligraphy well." She said she got up at 5:00 every morning and practiced colligraphy for two hours before starting her day, so she could paint the trees, the flowers, and the bamboos very well.  I was a lazy student; I practiced my colligraphy only for handing in the homework she gave me and I only finished the homework before attending to class once a week.

I think that's why my trees can only be like this:


However, I'm quite satisfied with my trees. I believe the process of painting is much more meaningful than the painting. I've learned the traditional western ways of painting too, such as sketching and water-colour. The two traditional ways of painting are quite different. When learning how to sketch, I have to observe the object very carefully and "jot it down" on the paper; then my teacher came to correct my work, telling me how to make it more similar to the real object. While learning the traditional Chinese painting, I was taught to "create" the trees as well as the whole scenery, but the ways of creating the trees should be based on the ways of writing colligraphy.

In Mainland China or Taiwan, a person with colligraphy skill is often respected. I had been benefited from it for a long time: whenever I went to a new school, a new class or any new environment, I just let people know I can write the colligraphy well then some teachers would adore me and gave me good marks, and some students' parents would also like me and wish their childern could make friends with me. Many things can become convinient in Chinese speaken areas if a person can write good colligraphy. It's hard to expain why......maybe people tend to believe old things are more respectable? or maybe it is just a symbol of "being well educated". The other explaination I think of is that people believe one's personality is shown by one's colligraphy, so a good colligraphy represent a good personality. Therefore, a traditional painting can also represent a personality.

Looking at my trees and my colligraphy, I can hardly sense it. Maybe it is because it is hard for me to know myself?  

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