November 09, 2008

day 50

the unsent letters

Image from Cape No.7

December 25, 1945.
Tomoko, the sun has sinked into the sea.
I can't see Taiwan anymore.
Are you still searching for me?
please forgive my weakness.
please forgive me that I've never admitted the fact we loves each other.
How did it start?
I can't remember.
I can't remember how I can't have my mind without you,
who didn't obey the rule to cut her hair and made me really angry
you are stubborn and reasonless, fooling around with popular trends
but I can't stop loving you.
when we finally waited until you graduated,
my country lost the war.
Suddenly I was from a defeated nation,
falling from proud aristocrat to chained criminal,
but I'm also merely a poor teacher.
Why shall I carry the guilt of a nation?
That shall be the guilt of the time and fate,
but I'm only a poor teacher.
I love you, but I have to ignore our love.
Day three,
I'm struggling to forget you...but how?
You're a student growing up under the shining sun of the south;
I'm a teacher from the snowing north across the sea.
We are so different;
why we are so in love?
I miss the shining sun...and the warm wind...
I miss the way you're annoyed by the red ants.
I know I shouldn't have marked you
your way of trampling on the red ants was beautiful;
like a magical dancing...
with fury and cozy...
Tomoko, that's when I fell in love with you...
How I wish a storm comes now
and swallows me into the sea between Taiwan and Japan,
so I won't blame myself for my weakness anymore.
several days of travelling,
I keep hearing the cry from the sea,
feeling like 500 years old
I can't leave the board, I can't sleep.
I've made up my mind;
once I get to the land, I'll never look back to the sea ,
because the sea always brings the sound of crying.
Why people cry when they love, marry, and give birth?
I always cry
whenever I think of the future happiness you may have,
but my tears are dried by the wind before bursting out.
The drying tears
have made me older.
Damn wind.
Damn moonlight.
Damn sea.
The December sea always carries madness.
I'm bearing the stinking humiliation and regretfulness,
slightly rocking with the wave in the ship.
I can't distinguish
whether I'm going home
or leaving!
.... (it's too long, I'll translate it another day) 
............................................................................Cape No.7 three of the seven unsent love letters, my rough translation

There is a English version of subtitle but I can't find it from the net.

I have a complicated feeling for this movie, but it is very hard to describ...I'm kind of...can't understand why so many people are crazy for this movie though I feel there are lots of things in it...maybe that's because it is the first movie that belongs to Taiwanese culture? The lines in the movie are mostly Taiwanese, some Japanese and rather few complicated...I feel I'm far away from my origin.

By the way, though I feel very complicated about what the director trying to tell, I know sth for sure...... If I were 'Tomoko', I would hate the teacher more when I recieved thoes it was a correct act that the letters were unsent 60 years ago....


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  1. Mary

    What a funny little sausage you are.

    09 Nov 2008, 09:23

  2. Sue

    At first I read it as “I miss the way you’re annoyed by the rants.”

    09 Nov 2008, 15:36

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