October 03, 2008

day 47

I feel pretty relax and carefree when writing this blog, because I can say that the whole things in it are a fiction.

I'm a invented character, so I can be very carefree.

It's a fiction, so there's nothing personal.

I wrote it for practicing my English.

An artistic and good-looking guy is usually attractive; (merely artistic or good-looking are both not enough, but artistic + good-looking = YES) not to mention that he spends money on you and appears to be gentle and considerate. (I still can't figure out why he liked to spend money on young women; maybe his father had too much money and didn't know where to spend it. In Chinese, it is so-called "Ta Lao Zi You Qian". In this way, I would rather go out with his father,haha.) However However HOWEVER, if he's not totally single (in my opinion, totally single means he doesn't have any close female friend; especially who apparently takes him as a boyfriend) going out alone with him is just like eating a meal with a cockroach in it.

I reckon he failed the exam, so he gave up his degree. It's challenging for anyone to spend loads of time messeging with many young women and at the same time get an all-pass. It is also stupid to give up a degree to "pursue one's dream" unless he or she has failed.

I didn't get involved much, so I'm not sure about his situation, but I believe my intuition. I bet that many many MANY of his female friends think they are his girlfriend. That's the weakness of Asian young women. I know that! I've watched many Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, etc etc etc dramas and loads of news in Chinese. That's the very old, common and popular plot......so he's a meal with lots of lots of cockroaches...

Whether his behavior can be judged as right or wrong, he is out of my understanding. I reckon it's not wise to even be friends with someone you think his behavior is hard to understand. It is just like trying to be friends with a nut, and being divided into a nut's kind. NoNoNoNoNoNo!

Besides, he once told me he hoped I could get along well with his "female friends". One of his "female freinds" (who seems to be the "first wife") even appeared to be very adore of me in front of him. It is just like being asked to join in a nut's club. NoNoNoNoNoNoNo!

The reason why an emperor could have loads of wives was because he owned power and wealth. However, the man in this article seems to have nothing but a handsome face. He and his female friends are all out of my understanding. I really really don't like people whose behaviors are out of my understanding. Therefore, eventually, I totally deleted him from my life. Yeah, since most of his female friends are suspicious, I don't want to even be friends with him. I don't want to be suspicious, and I don't want to be divided into the nut's club. Besides, I'm living in the modern society, where women have the chance to be finacially independent. It is not worthwhile in any way to spend too much time to compete with other women for a man; not to mention the one that doesn't seem to be potencially wealthy and will become ugly once he grows old:p    

After doing this decision, I felt very good. To be honest, the reason I went out with him at the very first place was that "loads of my classmates said he was handsome" (not even me myself thought so; first I thought he was just common).  I was like a spoiled teenager. Deleting him is a good turning point for me. I suddenly felt I grew up a lot and be more like an adult. It was a very nice experience. I now know more about myself and what kind of person I am, so I also know more about what I want from my life and from the world. Nice~!

yeah he can read English so it's a fiction.

or it's a fiction so he can read English?

whatever, I feel very good, that's the point.

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