August 03, 2010

JURN – a curated academic search engine

Writing about web page

As the web get's ever more difficult to navigate, Google custom search engines like this one might become more valuable to researchers. It's somewhere to search in addition to Google Scholar and all the library databases if you're doing a thorough literature search, because it finds open access content.

Search the JURN in place of Google Scholar if you want to be sure that you'll find full text content without having to pay for the privilege and you want just a few articles as a route into a topic... although I'd actually recommend the library databases above JURN for this kind of searching.

Read all about it at the JURN blog site:

As with all search engines, you'll need to be able to put together some advanced search queries to get the most out of it. This page has some neat summaries of useful Google operators:

JURN's tips and tricks on the blog itself offer a lot of great advice on using search engines and it also includes links to other academic search engine sites. The short guide to academic search-engines and tools is very useful indeed:

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  1. JURN

    You forgot to mention that JURN is arts and humanities -specific. Due to their obscurity and lack of public data feeds, many of the journals it indexes never seem to make it into library databases.

    24 Aug 2010, 05:11

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