June 25, 2012

Guest post by Lindsay Green: Multi–Author Blogging

Lindsay Green works as an Academic Support Officer in the Library, handling enquiries, creating tutorials and investigating new ways that the Library can support the University of Warwick's academic community. She attended a recent event and blogs about it here.

Mark Carrigan ran an excellent session on Multi-Author Blogging in the Wolfson Research Exchange at the end of May. The main points I took from the session are as follows:


  • No right or wrong way to blog
  • Feelings of guilt – not coming up with a regular blog entry
  • If not frequently updated, less likely to be viewed by others

Multi-author blog advantages

  • Greater frequency of posting of blogs if multi-authored
  • Range of authors leads to more ideas being blogged about – variety
  • Makes the blog more dynamic
  • Attracts readers → attracts writers → becomes more self-sustaining

Suggestions for successful multi-author blogging

1) Keep content back, creating a store of content to use when nobody is able to create a post. This helps encourage frequency of updates, in turn helping avoid loss of interest by readers which is likely to happen if no new content is appearing.

2) Look at purpose of blog:

  • what is to be published
  • what is not published
  • consider what readers will gain from visiting the blog regularly

3) Consider who in the team is responsible for doing what

4) Promotion of blog:

  • Consider existing channels e.g. H-netfor humanities scholars
  • Make sure domain name is registered
  • Set up Twitter feed, automatically tweeting new posts
  • Announce to other websites, feature guest blogposts from other sites

5) Sustain the blog:

  • Frequent updates, suggests 1-2 a week more constantly rather than e.g. 5 in one week then gap
  • Engage with readers – tweet for more details about things you are blogging about
  • Clarification – refine your purpose, evolve and change according to circumstances

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