February 22, 2013

Bookmarking websites: switching from Delicious to Diigo

Writing about web page https://www.diigo.com/user/jennyality

I used to use Delicious.com to manage my bookmarks and have recently switched to Diigo. I didn't like the recent changes to Delicious: it limited the ways I could manage my enormous collection of bookmarks.

In the past, I have used the browser bookmarking tools of Explorer and Firefox but of course you can only access those bookmarks on one PC or one login profile, and with one browser. Also, I like using tags better than folders as a way to organise my bookmarks, because a site can only be in one folder but can have several tags.

My enormous collection on Delicious is the product of years of work. What I want to do with my collection is:

  1. Sort by private/public: Delicious frustrated me for some time by not supporting this, but Diigo has imported my bookmarks beautifully, carrying over these properties and it allows me to sort in this way and review which need to be private.
  2. Sort my tags by the number of sites bookmarked with them. In this way I can look at the tags that only have one site and decide if I really need the tag: Diigo points out that I have 423 tags which is way too many! Delicious used to do this and I was slowly sorting my tags, but it's apparently not offered any longer.
  3. Find links that are broken. Delicious definitely couldn't do this for me. Not sure yet if Diigo can. Some of my links are old and broken, I know. I do like that Diigo displays the date that the bookmark was added, though, as it gives me a clue about whether my link is going to be live now or not.
  4. Replace tags that are obsolete with ones that I currently use. Delicious used to do this, but not any more. Diigo enables me to edit my tags very easily and I'm busy deleting useless ones to make them more manageable and useful!

Other things that I like about Diigo now that I've switched:

  • It has an "advanced" view that enables me to tick which bookmarks I'm interested in and then apply the action I choose.
  • One of those actions is "generate report" which displays the selected bookmarks in a nice way to incorporate into a report.
  • Another action that is possible is to add tags to the selected bookmarks, as a collection.
  • It seems much more sophisticated that Delicious, and I like the additional functions that I am discovering.

What I don't like about Diigo are:

  • the adverts that get in the way
  • it takes two clicks to create a bookmark record: Delicious' tool was a bit quicker, but then I haven't explored the sticky note feature or any other aspects of Diigo yet.

In general though, I do like find these bookmarking tools very handy!

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  1. Andrew Marsh

    Mac OS has the ability to share Safari www bookmarks and other data, securely across multiple machines (and presumably other devices such as iPhone, iPad) through the “Cloud” which is both useful and annoying. I am sure there are pretty simple ways to ‘your’ bookmarks online for others to see or use as well.

    Have to admit that find Google is a pretty simple and effective way to ‘bookmark’ things …

    23 Feb 2013, 14:23

  2. Jenny Delasalle

    Yes, Google does find things very fast: I use it a lot to find sites that I know and regularly visit. And of course if you’re logged in to a Google product then it is even more accurate at guessing what you want! I also use my browser links toolbar for regular sites, but my big collections are like references to go back to when I prepare my next blog entry or training workshop on an upcoming theme. I love tagging stuff: I used to write keywords in lurid colours on the top of photocopies and pages of notes as a student… in the bad old days when I hand-wrote all my essays!

    I’ve never had a need to share bookmarks securely: I imagine that one can create an export file (OPML?) from most browsers to share with others in some way. My own stuff seems to be public to all or else private entirely!

    I’m also testing out Evernote at the moment… great for tagging content from the web, documents I’ve written/received, & e-mails. Not sure yet if I can also throw in my bookmark collection!

    25 Feb 2013, 18:34

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    29 Mar 2013, 00:17

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