October 20, 2004

comments on week 4 lecture

It's a very interesting lecture.

I did a bit geography before and did something about the ideas of differnt zones in a city but never look it in such perspective.

fews questions about the lecture:

1) Mike mentioned about Fordism and said the new division of labour according to Fordist mention did not first developed by Ford but in meat packing factory. It's a bit different from what I learn. I would like to know more about it. Maybe could someone tell me that name of the book that Mike metioned.

2) didn't get the quotation from Park, 'whatever men are anminal….' and would also would like to know which book the quotation from.

comments on week 3 seminar

er…finally got to know how to use blog!

some comments on week 3 seminar:

1) Mike mentioned something, prison is a common punishment in the morden society in order to put the criminal 'outside' the society. However, in the past, people lived in a community society, there is no 'outside'. therefore, the punishment would be different.

I am wondering what would be punishment in such society.

2) law protect itself – the private proverty, not the victim.
therefore ther is no visctim.

I am confued about this statement.

suggestion on class essay title

After taking SCD for 4 weeks now, i think we have only covered a bit of the issues on crime and decviance.

some 'classiscal class essay titles' that pop into my mind:

1) compare and contrast Durkheim's and Merton's idea on anomie. Are they still relevant to modern society?

2) critically assess Merton's idea on anomie.

In spite of these suggested questions I would really like to write an essay on Chicago school since their idea on crime sounds quite fascinating for me.

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