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February 16, 2006

I have moved…

I have moved my blog to:


all old entries will remain on this blog, but all new ones will be there, so update your links/address books/brains! Ta!

Lia xx

February 01, 2006

Hot and cold…

My life seems to fluctuate currently between being too hot and extremely chilly. How does one solve such a problem? For example, I come back to my room in the résidence, and since the heating has been on full blast all day, it's sweltering. So I open a window. However, outside it's about -3 degrees, so I quickly become too cold. So I close the window, and after 2 minutes I'm too hot again!

However, I seem to have now mastered the trick of leaving the half of the window that is behind the (beautiful metal slidey) shutters open a few inches for most of the time, so the temperature is bearable (except when you're in bed, when you get too hot again). The next problem occurs when I go out.

It's cold outside – fair enough, it's january, and as long as the sun is around somewhere I'm ok with that. But as soon as I get on the RER to go to work, I'm too hot. Having already removed my gloves (without which my hands turn blue, but which do not allow me to do useful things with my fingers such as get out my travelcard), I undo my coat, and generally try to cool down. Then I get off the RER and it's even colder than it was when I left home, so I have to try and warm myself up again, and by the time I get into a classroom at work (pot luck – some of them have radiators and others don't), I'm pretty chilly.

Then there's my fridge. It refridgerates, but a little too efficiently. In fact, it's started freezing everything. Not terribly helpful as far as milk and fruit juice are concerned. What's strange is that it's only started doing this since the beginning of January, after I came back from the holidays. I followed dad's advice about turning it off overnight, leaving the door closed so that things don't go off, and turning it back on in the morning; which is all very well, except that when it defrosts it soaks everything in foul smelling water and then that water freezes when I turn it back on again, leaving everything covered in ice, and still frozen. I have to try and sell this fridge when I move out – I'll just have to lie and say it works fine :S What is a girl to do?

Conclusion: I hate winter! Roll on Tunisia in April…

L xx

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