February 16, 2006

I have moved…

I have moved my blog to:


all old entries will remain on this blog, but all new ones will be there, so update your links/address books/brains! Ta!

Lia xx

February 01, 2006

Hot and cold…

My life seems to fluctuate currently between being too hot and extremely chilly. How does one solve such a problem? For example, I come back to my room in the résidence, and since the heating has been on full blast all day, it's sweltering. So I open a window. However, outside it's about -3 degrees, so I quickly become too cold. So I close the window, and after 2 minutes I'm too hot again!

However, I seem to have now mastered the trick of leaving the half of the window that is behind the (beautiful metal slidey) shutters open a few inches for most of the time, so the temperature is bearable (except when you're in bed, when you get too hot again). The next problem occurs when I go out.

It's cold outside – fair enough, it's january, and as long as the sun is around somewhere I'm ok with that. But as soon as I get on the RER to go to work, I'm too hot. Having already removed my gloves (without which my hands turn blue, but which do not allow me to do useful things with my fingers such as get out my travelcard), I undo my coat, and generally try to cool down. Then I get off the RER and it's even colder than it was when I left home, so I have to try and warm myself up again, and by the time I get into a classroom at work (pot luck – some of them have radiators and others don't), I'm pretty chilly.

Then there's my fridge. It refridgerates, but a little too efficiently. In fact, it's started freezing everything. Not terribly helpful as far as milk and fruit juice are concerned. What's strange is that it's only started doing this since the beginning of January, after I came back from the holidays. I followed dad's advice about turning it off overnight, leaving the door closed so that things don't go off, and turning it back on in the morning; which is all very well, except that when it defrosts it soaks everything in foul smelling water and then that water freezes when I turn it back on again, leaving everything covered in ice, and still frozen. I have to try and sell this fridge when I move out – I'll just have to lie and say it works fine :S What is a girl to do?

Conclusion: I hate winter! Roll on Tunisia in April…

L xx

January 31, 2006

Weekend in Paris (isn't that a font?)

Paris is bright and frosty, which I very much like – although I'm not good at being cold, the sunshine is cheering! On friday at Disneyland, however, it was not sunny, it was grey; it actually snowed! We must have been mad to go there. We did have an excellent day, though; we managed to do all the 'indoors'-type things, including Peter Pan's flight and the haunted house, and in the studios the shows 'cinémagique' and 'animagique', which were worth it just to sit in the warm!
On Saturday I went to meet Josh and Noura in Montmartre, as they were in Paris for the weekend. We had coffee in a little café, then went to see the Sacre Coeur. After that we had lunch in a little Pizzeria (including BIG ice creams – yum!) and Miguel came to meet us to show us all the little windy streets and shops of Montmartre, after which we all sat back in the little café for more drinks, and Noura and I went off to shop in a pretty beauty shop across the road, leaving the boys to chat!
In the evening I ran into Elena who invited me for pancakes with her, Paz and Paz's friend from Chile who is visiting. We had both savoury and sweet pancakes, and ate far too much!
On Sunday I had a lazy day chez moi, doing all the laundry, work, washing up etc that I had to do, and in the evening I went to meet Neil, Miriam, Sam and Sally and we went (via KFC) to a pub quiz in an English pub in the marais called the 'Frog and Rosbif'! I don't know if we won, although I doubt it considering the amount of guessing we were doing, as I had to leave when the marking started to get the train. I did drink beer, however, for the first time ever! It was actually ok…
Work yesterday was pretty much a waste of time, as I only had one student turn up, but I got to leave early and I went to the supermarket to buy lots of nice things on the way home :)

Other news that I forgot to mention last time I blogged (is that really a verb, now?) – Antony and I have booked a holiday! We are going to Tunisia for a week at the end of April, to a hotel right on the beach, with everything included :) I am so excited!! Apparently the weather should be warm but not horribly hot, and we'll get to swim and sunbathe and eat well and relax for a whole week in the sun. Yay!

Nothing else exciting to impart – I'll be back in London on Saturday afternoon for a few days, then on up to visit Antony on Tuesday, then back to London the follwing Monday until Thursday.
L xx

PS. I didn't like the film of Superstar – dad was right!

January 25, 2006

After aaaaages, I'm back!

Having discovered at the weekend that Bex reads my blog (hello Bex!) and generally feeling guilty that I haven't written anything in almost a month, I have beetled up to the computer room on my way back from the musée d'Orsay (how very cultural!) to do an updatey bloggy thingy.

So, what has been happening? Well, starting from roughly where I left off (although I will attempt to put everything in a nutshell) New Year was fab – having done presents with Tom in the morning (he got a very swish new sony mp3 player doobry) I had to work 2 shows at the Palace for New Year's Eve, but at least it was my last day. After work a load of us went to the White Hart pub, and had a very merry time drinking lots of champagne, dancing, and speaking French (well, that was just me and the 2 French guys).

I came back to Paris on the 2nd of Jan, and worked all day on the 3rd 4th and 5th (urgh) so it was very nice when on Friday I hopped on the eurostar and went to visit Antony for the weekend. We had fish and chips, watched TV (I miss TV so much when I'm here!), cooked for ourselves and Hywel and had a very nice relaxing weekend.

The following week I also worked 3 days, so the other 2 were spent doing laundry and shopping etc. On the Friday I went out for dinner with Alessia, Thibaud, Dan, Ruth and Bethan (the last 2 having come up to Paris for the weekend from Rochefort) which was really lovely, and we ended up in a very strange bar called 'Urgence Bar' – the theme of which was medical; x-rays on the walls, pills and syringes in the clear-topped tables; and the drinks came served in either test tubes or baby bottles! Bizarre.
The following evening (after battling the sales in Les Halles) I went to Neil's house for tea and met Liz, who somehow I've never met before but who is really lovely! Plus she was a fan of Honk, so she also has excellent taste! :p We ended up making dinner before they went out for the night, but I was really tired so I went home instead.

Last week was again work-heavy, but then at the weekend I went to stay with Antony and to see The Wild Party on Saturday night! I saw loads of people that I haven't seen in ages (Hi Tim, Andy, Owen, Sam, Colin, Emma and all the MTW luvvies and dahlings!) and the show was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed it, and had to force myself not to sing and dance along! I also had a really nice weekend in general – we had curry on friday night, went shopping on saturday and ate at EAT in the Arts Centre before the show, then spent sunday morning watching 'Dancing on Ice' and drinking tea before I had to come back to Paris.

Since then it's been work, work, work again, unfortunately, although last night I spent chatting to Elena, Paz and Julia, and then drinking tea and watching Desperate Housewives with Julia; and today the sun was shining, so she and I went to Nanterre ville to take some CDs back to the mediatheque (borrowed the DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar which dad told me was rubbish but I've always been curious to see, having never seen it staged, so I thought borrowing it was the best option!) and then I went to the musée d'Orsay. I bumped into Neil on the metro, he was going there too, so we got to catch up a bit.

So that brings us to now…any other news…um, oh yes, I've found a flat for next year! Very exciting, Olly was looking for someone to join the flat he's going to live in with two other people he knows who study German; Neil told me about it when I was at his house since I applied to live on campus on my own. The flat sounds really lovely, and it's not too expensive either so I think it will be a nicer option than living in a teeny room on campus with no living room! Hurrah! (Plus obviously Olly is a legend – hi Olly!)

Right, think I shall go and have a cup of tea now! I don't have to work again until next week, so Julia and I are going to Disneyland on Friday (with our year-passes, teehee!) and I should really do some laundry and reading and things over the weekend… Plans for the near future include going back to England in the holidays in February to go to the music centre ball and stay at home for a few days :)

A bientot…
L xx

December 31, 2005


Follow-up to xmas party photos from Lia's Blog

I spent them on a very nice pair of black, pointy, knee-high boots – leather, and with a small kitten heel. SEXY! (am a bit tipsy – went out for drinks with people from work to Bar Soho – apologies!)

December 30, 2005

xmas party photos

Follow-up to Deliveries… from Lia's Blog

Photos are (finally!) uploaded – the best ones, at least – in gallery entitled "RUT xmas party"

Christmas was excellent and joyful, work is long and tiring but good fun, and Antony has gone home to Wales for New Year (boo!)

I go back to Paris on Monday, must start getting ready – birthdays (mum's today, Tom's tomorrow) and work tend to get in the way though! (oh, and I have to go shopping as I have Next vouchers to spend – what a shame!)

L xx

December 21, 2005


arrived at 12.28pm.


On a more positive note, my Christmas shopping is now finished! Hooray!!

December 20, 2005


One minute to go. Chances of delivery not looking good.

(Lia explodes)

On another note…

I went to Mark's 21st birthday party last night at Guesthouse West in Notting Hill (his uncle owns it and gave him the party with a free bar as his birthday present! How good is that?)

It was very swish and we had a very nice time – a mixture of people who didn't know each other (Mark introduced everyone about a million times, as he kept forgetting who he had introduced to who as he got more drunk) so the conversation was easy! Plus we had sushi and cake, and all the alcohol we could drink before 11pm. Amy was a bit worse for wear by the time we went home, I was quite tipsy but only as hyperactive as the people around me! Once I got home I was OK, although I'm not sure Antony was terribly happy about me phoning him at half past 12 and keeping him awake…! (Love you honey…)

I don't know what happened to Mark and the others (we left first, as we had to get the tube home) but Mark's friend James promised to look after him so I assume they had fun and got home alright…Mark if you read this let me know if you survived!!



(I know I promised photos of the RUT xmas party, but haven't had chance to upload them onto my computer yet – suffice to say it was a very good night…!)

I am waiting for a delivery. The parcel is my brother's christmas present. It is supposed to be delivered today a.m, which gives them 14 minutes to arrive with it before I start to get annoyed! It's a pain waiting for deliveries, because you feel like you can't do anything in case they turn up in the middle of it. And invariably they turn up either at the worst possible moment, or not at all so you're hanging around for nothing.
If it doesn't arrive I shall be VERY annoyed, and they shall hear of it. Oh yes. Grrr.

Ca suffit.

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