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April 27, 2009

KBAM Post–Module Reflextion: LCM

Life Cycle Management is about maximising the benefits an asset during its usage life while minimising its associated cost as much as possible. One of the most important aspects of LCM is that enviromental considerations are taken in order to achieve this target. In today's world, where people can't stop talking and associate all the ills with the global warming, I think that this approach is what companies need to implement in order to survive and comply with ever increasing enviromental regulations. At the beginning I thought that LCM was all about reducing costs and taking the most out of an asset or product, but the idea of designing it in a way that special considerations are given to the materials used in order to make it more friendly to dispose or recycle or disassembly was fascinating. When I was working in Venezuela, I can't remember have seen a manual or procedures or not even a leaflet talking about LMC. Had I known more about this topic in my time there I think I'd have taken the idea to at least to the plant manager, because I am sure the company was not making the best profits out of its equipments or products. I remember have seen this product that used a considerable amount of cardborad and plastic for its packaging and I wonder if anyone did ever questioned the necessity of that extra material. That is just one case in which the company could have saved some money by reducing material used and saving the environment from more waste. I just hope more companies realise how important and effective this approach is.

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