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April 19, 2013

RDM 10 People involvement

Talking about generating options and alternatives, tools such as brainstorms and mind mapping can be helpful to enhance decision making processes. Both of them can involve teamwork, knowledge sharing, collective learning and the most important thing from my perspective is that those tools create a cooperative environment when uncertainty appears. One of the most relevant things of decision making processes is to take people as a motor of the whole process, individuals are those who work on daily tasks, the understand details and know specific data about all the components of the complete organization, now, if all those parts are put together and are interconnected, probably efficiency could appear as an advantage and multiple creative and real options can be modelled in order to build a complete and structured decision.

KBAM 4 Maintenance Management

One of the most relevant issues that I have found within Maintenance Management is the second and third generation types of action. That is preventive and predictictive, the former refers to take the appropriate actions in order to evade possible harm derived from what we already know that it is likely or possible to happen, the later goes further and states that it is possible to foresee what could happen in different situations.

In like manner, I think this predictive maintenance management is important and useful for any kind of business because it is a practical way to link external (and internal) factors to assets. From my perspective the more tight this relation is then the more efficiency and efficacy would be encountered in the different activities developed to preserve and to manage assets in a safety way. Nevertheless, I would highlight that people, is a crucial factor in this "kind of management", because people are drivers of knowledge and help the mentioned relation become stronger.

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