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April 16, 2013


Relevant things can be mentioned regarding one of the decision tools called PESTLE analysis. From my perspective this tools is one of the most complete ones given the wide coverage of factors that it includes (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental), having all of them analysed around different possibilities or options the scope could be narrowed and a clear picture of the scenario could have obtained.

I find interesting from this tool that it covers mostly issues that companies cannot control, and those factors are crucial given that organizations can be affected by external issues that are happening "outside" but at one point they will have an effect in many ways. Therefore, national and international issues are always going to be present and are affecting economies and industries, this tool is relevant given that it analyses those issues and implications on the different areas.

Nevertheless, this tools by itself is not perfect and has not the final word in a decision making process. Many different factors should be taken into account, but is definitively one of the most complete ones and brings a wide range of analysis.


Asset management is in fact one of the most complete and complex subject in business, this issue covers a wide range of factors which are crucial and basic for organizations, that is to say from physical elements such as buildings, offices and machines to intangible elements like data, information systems, networks and so on. During this first steps of the assignment I have realized that this is a complete universe of elements and a big subject to study, what I find more relevant and would like to highlight is that asset management is all about managing vital things for organizations that without them work cannot be done, this "kind of management" is the base for a company's dynamic. On the other hand, I would say that it is also about providing quality in a transversal way within the functional area of organizations.

Therefore, what I find interesting and useful from this phase of management is that as a professional in any organization asset management will take place some when and in that case excellence models are totally appropriate. To bring quality and efficiency within asset management is the objective of any organization. And this issue can take part in any area of the organization, from my point of view this subject will be useful and will teach me a key tip: to be aware of assets. Opening our eyes to what exists arround us is the first step to realize that anything can happen and that the more we care about what we have, the more this will affect the work performance. Assets are everywhere and are easy to ignore (from my experience). As managers the content to be study during these weeks will help us to explore how things could be done better, how to exploit all the possibilities and how to be creative, linking assets, management and people could be a useful tool to satisfy the work duties and people's stability.

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