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April 15, 2013


Regarding different styles of decision-making, there are various ways to decide, authors suggest different styles and behaviours, but what I want to mention is that the final the style of decision-making depends on three main factors 1.The kind of issue to decide 2.The attitude of the one deciding and 3.The environment which rounds the situation.

For instance, if is something urgent, pressure, time and risks should cover the environment and affect the decision makers. At the end that process is going to be the result of multiple factors interacting at the same time. In this manner, procedural processes might be more convenient when projects have a time schedule, legal and organizational procedures might be followed carefully and there is a routine already known. Nevertheless, from my personal experience when time is crucial risk-averse and/or authoritarian styles might appear just as results of the circumstances, when is no time to consult other people, or when change must be operated those styles are more frequent to be observed.

The is no one type or style permanent in one person or company, factor affect them and time, I would say is one of the most relevant ones.

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