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January 16, 2007

Building Happiness

I am reading the Tao Te Ching which is a philosophy that I find very supportive and helpful in the changes I am working on. I find the notion of stillness and not forcing an idea that appeals. The thinking contradicts so much of our beliefs and behaviour in the western world. However, it really helps me to reflect on the changes I am trying to make. It is strange though, using words like trying, it suggests forcing, which is not what I am doing. I see it as more “repeated practice” which the Dalai Lama suggests is important for change.

All that I am doing is about not doing. This sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it really is not. I have used the Alexander Technique for years to help mitigate back problems. What I am finding now is that its principles of not doing really help with relaxation and the focus on building up energy.

Being at peace and having inner stillness are characteristics that are not easy to develop. I have fifty odd years of habit to undo. Self-compassion is growing, and I am working on “seeing the glass half full”. Mindfulness is also an interesting concept which is really helpful to pause and reflect on body, environment and mind. I would like to see children taught these concepts and ways of being, I am sure it would help them to survive and grow in school.

My energy levels are up and down. I know that I have about three hours before I wilt. Taking things slowly and steadily helps. I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do everything. I have started at a new health club and am slowly bringing myself back to fitness. The trick is not to expect too much too soon and to be pleased with what I have achieved, however small.

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