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Who am I? That’s a good question. I am wife, mother and worker. I have been married for 23 years to Michael who is a wonderful husband who makes me laugh. Believe me laughter is really important in ensuring happiness. Together we have made two wonderful chidren, Nick, 17, and Aithne, 15. We can’t believe that little mites who we could hold in one arm could turn into a strapping lad of 6ft 5in and a beautiful girl of 5ft 8in. i work as a senior lecturer at Warwick Business School. I research in the area of small business and information strategy. I find it a really interesting subject. I have written a book on the subject with a colleague. What do I like doing? I read a lot: anything and everything. I have got hooked on Sudoku. Working on cryptic crosswords. I enjoy cooking, eating out, theatre, opera and classical music. I also enjoy singing. I am a desultory gardener.

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