January 02, 2006

The last few

The last few scents of a summerís day floated down from the cliff tops, curling gentle fingers around the soft, pink petals of small moons that relaxed against the warm rock. Ice cream, sun lotion, and fading laughter slid over the rippling surface of hidden pools: the refuge of creatures from ancient ages. Light flurries of cooling sand danced at the edge of the sparkling ocean, glowing red, orange and gold in rich rays of sunlight, bursting from candyfloss castles in the sky. The lone cry of a seagull cut through the air.

A hermit crab wandered over the empty beach, his amber shell, his amber shell slowly fading to a cool sapphire as it reflected the jewels of the sky. Sand dunes rose up before him: a challenge, a hard one. But the darkness was pressing in from behind him and the quiet hum of the sea was growing louder. He scuttled faster until he was lost to sight, buried under the small desert at the edge of a colossal oasis.

The oasis roared and drew up its mighty head, glaring at the deserted scene below. It rode on chariots born of mysterious depths and raced onwards. Screaming hysterically at the pathetic show of defiance, getting faster and FASTER AND LOUDER AND LOUDER AND ITS MALICE WAS DEAFENING ITS GOING TO DESTROY US OH FUCK ITS GOING TO DESTROY US!!!

The chariots broke. The oasis fell down.

The cry of a seagull softly echoed from the shadows of the cliff.

A silver orb drifted peacefully across the velvet sky, bathing the sand in a blanket of cool light and caressing the tall grasses that whispered in the night breeze.

The oasis swung to and fro, gently, soothed by the song of the moon. It sighed as it rode upon the beach, leaving creamy memories on the sand as it slid back again.

A cool night breeze swept along the lonely beach as it slipped quietly into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of distant lands where a solitary hermit crab wandered the glowing sands.

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