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January 12, 2012

Considering targeting overseas markets? Unitemps can help!

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Recently many articles in the media suggest that the key to business success during these difficult times is to expand your horizons and enter new markets overseas. Countries such as Nigeria, China, Vietnam and Qatar are currently experiencing growth in demand from the middle classes and this is a prime time to take advantage of this and create a brand new revenue stream.

For many it seems to make a lot of sense targeting these emerging and high growth markets, it can help revitalise your business and increase your revenue but the biggest question on everyone’s lips is how would you take on such a momentous task?  

Help is at hand in the form of Unitemps who may be the solution that you are looking for. We have over 20,000 registered candidates, a large percentage are fluent in a diverse array of languages (over 120 in total). With their local knowledge, native language skills and their drive to succeed in a very competitive jobs market our students are in a prime position to be able to offer companies significant edge when targeting untapped territories.

Take China as an example, a country which continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies with an annual rise of around 10%. We currently have over 2000 registered Mandarin and Chinese speakers who also possess an exceptional standard of English.  

Over the last 12 months Unitemps has noticed a significant rise in the amount of requests for speakers of international languages as businesses look to change their fortunes. This is continuing to grow and it is only natural that Unitemps would invest more time into fulfilling these requirements.

So if you are looking at new avenues for your business and targeting international markets is on the agenda then contact Unitemps, we may well be the key you need to open the door to these thriving markets.

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