November 23, 2005

Day 3 LE learning

Day 3:

Lesson learned / (Thoughts):
– The process of leading is good, but more important is the goal achievement.
– Upward Management – lead your leader (not impossible but difficult!)
– Everyone in the organisation can lead (again be aware of the situation you are in – there is limitation, i.e. opportunities, politics, your boss may be your first barrier.)
– Leaders in different cultures (very important in this globalisation world today, different styles may be needed. Again, working in a different culture is similsr to working in a specific situation).
– (personal & position powers are both needed. Personal power is my preference. But in the real world, position power plays a large role.)

November 22, 2005

LE Day 1 & 2 Learning

Day 1:

As a leader in an exercise, I set the objectives, facilitated the discussions, delegated tasks to group member, drove to an agreed conclusion and time keeping.

During presentation for the group, I justified our findings and listened to criticisms from other groups and responded to the challenges.

Practised: team building – built rapport with group members

Day 2:

Leader's decision – right or wrong, alternatives

Observed other leader in action.
Suggestions: time management, control the meeting progress in order to achieve the objectives / keep on track (do not go around the circle – move forward), be decisive.

Practised: task clarification to new member; directed group members to set up a specific timetable for team study & seminar, i.e. work planning, time limitation.

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