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February 20, 2006

Sharia Law? Disgusting?

Writing about web page

Sharia law? A whistle stop guide could be written as follows: Dispicable set of religious based rulings from yester-millenia that contradict every tenet of modern society.
Perhaps better descirbed here in the telegraph.

This should NEVER be implemented in Britain. To be honest the very idea of judges being able to hand out amputations or stoning as punishments within our society is disgusting.

No. Simple as that.

I don't care how much the government is currently wishing to appease minority groups, this cannot be allowed. Personally I think anyone who wants this instituted should be shown to their nearest airport as I think they settled in the wrong country…

I find it hard to provide any further 'constructive' criticism on the subject if i'm completely honest. Anybody think that this could be a positive addition to our laws?

Further commentary: Marcel Berlins

Other reports: Aljazeera Telegraph

February 16, 2006

Christians too vocal at Warwick?

Are Christians at Warwick too pushy with their beliefs?

I can't help but thinking maybe after entering numerous lectures this year to see the desks littered with fliers proclaiming I need Jesus in my life. I couldn't help thinking one morning, "Really do I? Could it be… or do I just need to go to bed earlier as Im shattered still".

I mean really, by what amount do such posters sway your own beliefs? I would argue nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Zippo.

Hell, I might mock up some posters advocating atheism and plaster them everywhere people would care to look. See if I can't convert some of you guys over to some freethinking… :P

"Dont bother believing in Jesus, does it make any difference? Of course NOT"

Edit : Post some of your 'athiest poster' examples. Make me smile… :P

Edit : When I say Christians I obviously dont mean the whole Christian student population – but when I see religious messages I can't help (rightly or wrongly) assuming that they are broadly representative of the religion as a whole – else surely your own members would object to them?

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