October 09, 2006

Getting your Sagem 800 ADSL modem working in Vista RC2

I have figured out how to get Sagem’s awfully supported modem running under Vista RC2, in fact this post is coming directly from Vista. :D

  1. Do not go to Sagem’s (awful) site and download the newest version of the driver – I know it sounds stupid but I could not get that version working at all. Instead stick with the version that came from your ISP.
  2. Locate the “sagem” directory on your ISP driver disc – do not run any of the ISP installer software.
  3. Right-click “Setup.exe” and set the compatibility to “Windows XP SP2” and tick the “run as Administrator” box towards the bottom.
  4. Go ahead and execute “Setup.exe” – let it continue and set everything up, afterwards Vista will prompt you that it has detected new hardware (the modem) and you should install the drivers now. Cancel this dialog and reboot.
  5. Upon rebooting you should have a fully working adsl modem that can be setup for your connection (much easier than in XP) through the network centre. (you might need to unplug-plug the modem to get it to detect give it a few seconds it will work)

Here is the final result:

Sagem Results1Sagem Results2

I stopped testing Vista with RC2 and have not had chance to see if the driver support is a little better now we are closing in on the release.

Finally for everyone to try here are the drivers I have got working : Sagem Drivers
(taken offline – defunct)

Looking into the 4.0.5 driver release it seems that they have not said they are compatible with Vista or WinXP 64, unfortunately. Give them a try though, as I have not been able to actually test them for myself.

Here they are : 4.0.5 Drivers

I will soon have Vista RTM myself, maybe then I will do some proper testing and see why these problems exist.

Final Edit (?):
Sagem have finally gotten off their backsides and released an “official” driver that should work fine in Vista (not sure if there are x64 drivers in the package – though I doubt it to be honest)
Without further ado, the much anticipated Vista Drivers :D

Final, Final Edit
The official Sagem drivers now report that they are Vista compatible. Here is the link to find them: Vista Sagem Drivers

I have not tested them so your milage may vary.

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  1. Charles jordan

    Sounds great – didn’t work for me though :( after the reboot I was taken back to the detect new driver – incompatable driver cycle.
    Could you let me know what version of the driver you are using?


    17 Oct 2006, 14:31

  2. Leigh Robinson

    Sorry, the version of the drivers I got working are marked as “” and were built on “02/03/2004”

    I can send you this version if you need, just drop me an email address…

    18 Oct 2006, 23:51

  3. Gammli


    This is very nice.. i have to install Windows Vista, but my Sagem F@st 840 doesn´t work :(

    Is this tutorial for the Sagem 840 too?

    and where ca i get this driver-version ?

    sorry for my bad english :D

    19 Oct 2006, 14:21

  4. George

    Did you guys manage to get this to work? Mine is still not working I tried everything described here.

    My version is 2.0.7 and built on 10/04/2003. It doesn’t work with Vista when installed following the intructions in this thread.

    Where can i get this driver-version ?


    22 Oct 2006, 04:53

  5. marinko


    can u send me that version of drivers, i would like 2 give it a try.



    26 Oct 2006, 09:52

  6. Poulters

    I have drivers version 2.0.10 as supplied by Tiscali. I’m going to try an install these on RC2 as described above. In case they don’t work, could somebody please send me a copy of the drivers to poulters01@hotmail.com please ?

    Best Regards and thanks in advance – Poulters.

    26 Oct 2006, 11:29

  7. Barry

    I tried this method on vista to make my sagem modem work but I think I have the wrong driver release,
    if anybody has version built on 02/03/2004 could they please let me have a copy.
    Many Thanks.


    26 Oct 2006, 21:41

  8. SilverPanos

    I tried do that with several versions of drivers but it doesn’t work. I can’t find version that seems to be the only version it works with. Can u plz send me that version? My mail is panosargyros@hotmail.com
    And one question: While doing all these u describe should i have modem connected to pc or connect it after install drivers or after rebooting?

    28 Oct 2006, 14:39

  9. marinkobg

    I have tried this method and i must say that works. Just as Leigh described. It have installed ok, but i am having problems to connect to my ISP, but i’ll solve that. Also dslmon.exe doesn’t appear in sys tray.

    Thanx mate!

    28 Oct 2006, 15:06

  10. marinkobg

    Well i must ask one more question. How to make “dslmon.exe” to work properly? Under MS Vista it is not working, well i can get it to start, but it says “ADSL is not connected”, and doesn’t list any of modem info, like Hardware, Software, Firmware, MAC Address.

    Please help.

    28 Oct 2006, 15:44

  11. SilverPanos

    Well i tried every version i could find but it doesnt work. i really need that version of drivers but i only found 1 link to that which it doesnt work: http://www.soft32.com/download_172984.html Anybody can plz send me version via e-mai to panosargyros@hotmail.com or just post a link to that drivers that work?

    29 Oct 2006, 10:36

  12. Poulters

    I tried version 2.0.10 with no luck. Could some kind soul please send me a copy of the version drivers as I don’t have much hair left to pull out !!!! I can’t get the link Silverpanos mentions to work either. Please help as Sagem won’t, and January is a long way away !!

    Thanks and best regards Poulters.


    29 Oct 2006, 19:09

  13. Leigh Robinson

    Sorry everyone I have been away from my computer for the last week or so, I will have a look at the problems raised here tonight and try and address them.

    I’m happy for people to email me with specific problems regarding the install – It is a bit fiddly, took me a few goes to get it to work…

    @SilverPanos : I left the modem attached the whole time – I think what is key to getting it to work is to ignore all the popups that are generated regarding the new hardware and let the drivers just install.

    30 Oct 2006, 17:35

  14. marinkobg

    Big news people, download new 4.0.5 drivers. It works finally. I am typing this using my f@st 840 on Microsoft Vista :).


    30 Oct 2006, 19:04

  15. Gammli

    Hi marinkobg,

    where can i find the driver version 4.0.5. i used google but i dont found it.. please send a link here ;)

    i would be happy when it works ;) thx

    30 Oct 2006, 21:52

  16. marinkobg

    No problem, i’ll post it.



    31 Oct 2006, 11:46

  17. SilverPanos

    Still cant put it down to work. I m starting the installation of version 4.0.5 but after i select modem provider etc and system confirgution window opens it ends up without even starting the setup.. Can u describe the exact posses that worked with u on this version?

    31 Oct 2006, 17:38

  18. marinko

    4 me it was next, next, next… etc.

    31 Oct 2006, 19:05

  19. Daniel

    USB ADSL WAN Adapter send me the drivers please , its urgent



    03 Dec 2006, 22:20

  20. Pepe

    USB ADSL WAN Adapter send me the drivers please.



    06 Dec 2006, 16:21

  21. milan

    MarinkBG da li si ti slucajno iz BG-a?

    22 Dec 2006, 10:04

  22. Andy

    Hi, I installed vista (x64) and tried to get the Sagem f@st 800 modem to install using the latest drivers off the sagem site (4.0.5). i ran it in windows xp sp2 copmpatibilty mode with admin control ticked, but i cant get it to work.

    I tried the setup.exe it installs, gets to 100%, the progress bar disappears, im left with the blue/green sagem page for about 2 minutes before vista pops an error up saying the program has stopped responding and closes it down.

    When i reboot a quick flash of what looks like a sagem box appeares then goes again. when i load up dslmon it says usb disconnected (all lights are grren on the modem) and i cant use it.

    Also when i go to create an internet connect it will only allow me to make a PPPoE insted of a PPoA
    Any help would be greatfully recieved

    23 Dec 2006, 15:31

  23. marines

    it also work on Vista RC1 :) thanks a lot for this solution. i would never come up with this idea. because i didn’t click “Cancel” and i let windows to install device. and it works well. :D

    26 Dec 2006, 20:27

  24. leon

    hi there installed driver succesfully as you described but still cant connect to the internet
    hell knows why but im still trying if you have any advice please let me know im using talkt talk broadband service

    31 Dec 2006, 15:34

  25. Radu

    can someone send to my e-mail adress raducu_dre@yahoo.com the sagem 800 drivers for vista???? looking for version thanks….

    03 Jan 2007, 23:26

  26. Rick

    Anyone got a link for these drivers yet?


    26 Jan 2007, 20:29

  27. Ifan

    Could I also have the Sagem 800 drivers please, send to ifan_davies@hotmail.com

    thank you

    26 Jan 2007, 23:37

  28. Dan

    I have tried the drivers from the installation CD I got a year ago from Tiscali (which I assume are 2.0.10) and the latest from the Sagem website (ver4.0.5) – the 4.0.5 fails to install fully, giving an error, but I get a step further with the original drivers I got from Tiscali which install, although unfortunately the modem won’t connect afterwards. I’ve also tried rebooting following the driver installs.

    If anyone has any further suggestions or could send me a copy of ver2.2.10.20 that everyone seems to be talking about on here I would be grateful: dan.robinson@hotmail.co.uk


    26 Jan 2007, 23:51

  29. Rick


    They should work in Vista =)

    27 Jan 2007, 11:40

  30. Zahid


    Warwick has their own blog system.

    Wish my crap Westminster uni had something like this.

    06 Feb 2007, 20:50

  31. Spark

    USB ADSL WAN Adapter send me the drivers please.



    11 Feb 2007, 19:33

  32. TrAbB

    Remember that 32bit/x86 drivers WILL NOT WORK on 64bit/X64 versions of vista, even in compatibility mode. We’ll just have to wait for more 64bit driver support.

    Sad really seeing how Microsoft have been developing vista for half a decade now and no one is ready for it, even Microsoft. Idiots!

    12 Feb 2007, 15:54

  33. Adam

    On the 4.0.5 drivers I keep getting an error saying that the zip file is not complete and having the next file in a multi item set. Is this not a normal ZIP file? Thanks, Adam. I’m trying to use it with XP at the moment.

    13 Feb 2007, 11:06

  34. Sloba

    hi all,i need some help too.is there ANY way to make 800 work on vista 64?if not please send me the version that works on 32,thanks

    16 Feb 2007, 13:00

  35. Chris

    I can’t install Tiscali onto Vista. It asks me to plug the modem in, then nothing happens except Vista tries (and fails) to install the modem. When I used your methods, the Tiscali disk only offered to uninstall the broadband modem. Any ideas? If you could email me any solutions to chrisriley64@fsmail.net with Tiscali in the title (Anti-spam), it would be greatly appreciated!

    17 Feb 2007, 09:46

  36. Ugh

    “Also when i go to create an internet connect it will only allow me to make a PPPoE insted of a PPoA”

    I have Qwest DSL and it uses MSN and requires a PPoA connection. Why the Hell is there no suport for PPoA…

    19 Feb 2007, 00:36

  37. Lorraine

    As requested by so many others, could I also have the Sagem 800 drivers, please send to ldstanford@tiscali.co.uk

    thank you

    23 Feb 2007, 19:29

  38. Tim

    Could I also be sent the Sagem 800 drivers please. The one link I found for them, doesn’t seem to work!
    Thanks so much


    24 Feb 2007, 15:01

  39. serbian2

    Can anybody send me drivers for sagem f@st 1201 for Vista.Please


    25 Feb 2007, 21:13

  40. john

    I have tried to install 3 recent broadband router modems on vista 32 & 64 (2off 54g & 1’N’) Vista only offers PPOE on install for all but most of us outside usa require PPOA for smooth isp interface. I sympathise with Ugh. Sorry no solutions just passing this web site on my quest for solution. Suspect its a tcp/ip protocol install requirement rather than modem drivers? All will connect but takes about 30mins when PPOE selected. Any help appreciated.

    25 Feb 2007, 22:56

  41. dippermouth

    I have an ACER laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. My ISP is Tiscali and my modem is a Sagem 800 USB. This is what I did to get online.
    1. Using my desktop computer I downloaded the modem software from the Tiscali site (NOT THE SAGEM SITE!!!), v3.5, and wrote it to disk.
    2. Put the CD in the laptop and right-clicked setup.exe, left-clck Properties/Compatibility.
    3. Checked the boxes ‘Run in compatibility mode for Win XP SP2’ and ‘Run as Administrator’. ‘Apply’, ,OK’.
    4. Ran ‘Setup.exe’ and let it do it’s thing.
    5. Connected the USB cable between the modem and the laptop when instructed to (but didn’t connect the modem to the phone line). OK.
    6. Message came up that the modem was now installed (and the lights came on!).
    7. Connected the modem to the phone line and rebooted.
    8. Checked Device Manager to verify that USB ADSL WAN Adapter was present in ‘Network Adapters’.
    9. Clicked Start/Connect to/Show All Connections.
    10. Left-clicked on ‘Internet ADSL’ /Connect.
    11. Filled in my logon details and ISP phone number to connect to. OK.
    12. Jumped about like a demented frog when I saw that I was connected to the internet.

    If the modem is not recognised on reboot unplug USB cable from computer then reconnect it.
    Hope this helps.

    27 Feb 2007, 00:07

  42. dippermouth

    Forgot to mention… the normal DSLMON icon does not show up in the taskbar but there is an icon to show online status.

    27 Feb 2007, 00:15

  43. dippermouth

    Another forgot to mention… the driver version in the Tiscali software 3.5 is

    27 Feb 2007, 09:50

  44. Radu

    I got the Sagem 800 to work under Vista RTM…..but I cannot connect to my ISP….What’s that thing about the PPoE and PPoA protocols? Is there a third party something that should be installed in order to work????? The guys that managed to connect to the internet through Sagem 800 ADSL modem…..tell us what settings did you do to make it work!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen anywhere anything for the phone number that should be dialed….it’s not like the dial-up…..for example….for my ISP…Wanadoo (France Telecom) the number is 8,5…..


    02 Mar 2007, 15:21

  45. dippermouth

    If your modem is working you should be connected to the internet if you follow points 9, 10 and 11 in my last post. Start your web browzer.
    If you right-click in point 10 you should see the phone number as “adsl” (without the quotes). If you change that to your ISP number (8,5…) it should connect you to Wanadoo. Start your web browzer.
    Both ways work for me because I always get the same logon screen at point 11.
    My WAN Product Type is PPPoE. I didn’t set it like that, it’s done automatically. You can check which you have by going into System Information/Components/Network/Adapter. The Protocol is TCP/IP.
    Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

    03 Mar 2007, 14:33

  46. ashyxt

    Followed dippermouths instructions works perfectly, Thank you.

    11 Mar 2007, 12:51

  47. Vistas lame

    i tried dippermouths way but i install it.. lights come on and stay on , reboot .. and then the lights go out and when i reconect the usb they come back on for like 2 secs then go back out…. did anyone else have this problem? also i cant seem to folo ur steps 9 and onwards.. where is show all conections?? all i get is “windows cannot find any networks” when i click connect to. all help u can give much appreciated. wud be nice if tiscali decided to get of there backsides and make some vista drivers..

    11 Mar 2007, 14:13

  48. caser

    dippermouth’s 12 steps work for me, but after every f**ing reboot Vista blocks the starting up of the programs to make the USB ADSL connection on the grounds that it is not a Vista authorised prog. I switched off the User Account Contro;, and after that all was well. Microsoft’s exaggetarted protection will only work properly if manufacturers like Sagem produce Vista compatibel drivers. Let’s hope they’ll soon pull their bl*dy fingers out.

    14 Mar 2007, 13:08

  49. tom

    Please send me a driver for sagem fast 800 for windows vista


    27 Mar 2007, 14:50

  50. Ben

    Ive also got a Sagem 800 that wouldn’t work with Vista. I emailed tiscali and they have, as an offer of goodwill, agreed to send me a new Speedtouch modem plus drivers. Fingers crossed…....

    28 Mar 2007, 15:02

  51. N Johnston

    Dippermouth’s method works perfectly – many thanks.

    28 Mar 2007, 18:00

  52. Rob

    can some send me the driver plz
    to smash1910@hotmail.com

    29 Mar 2007, 00:34

  53. Bob

    Help please, i keep getting error 691, yet my user name and password is correct!

    03 Apr 2007, 15:41

  54. markus

    Hi all,

    could someone be so kind and send me a link or directly the driver for my sagem 800 to my mail:


    Thanks a lot!!!

    05 Apr 2007, 13:28

  55. Leigh Robinson

    Hi all,

    Anyone still reading this should take note of my “Final Final Edit” paragraph. It seems the official Sagem drivers are now being called “Vista Compatible” – you should probably give these a try before messing with anything else.

    Here is the link: Sagem Vista Drivers

    20 Sep 2007, 23:15

  56. pothead

    If you are a tiscali customer they have an updated “installation disc” which uyou download and burn to cd. The one big problem is that if your xp pc screws up and you buy a new vista os pc without first getting the d/load your only hope is to use a friends pc to get it. Once installed there is no problem (apart from the fact you are using such a poor isp lol).
    Here is the page you will find the driver disk on
    sorry about the link thats longer tha a mile but thats tiscali for you !!! :o)

    30 Sep 2007, 14:51

  57. terry

    Try the otenet.gr (greek isp) I downloaded a version there that worked perfect on Vista. The original cd was only for xp.

    24 Nov 2007, 22:46

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