March 12, 2010

The "Digital Goodlife

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The "Digital Goodlife" logoSo Tuesday 16th March see’s our first Digital Goodlife workshop for Small Business in the West Midlands to sample some of the free, open source and other tools and software available to help run their business.

The Idea behind the workshop is – how many of the tool businesses are currently using for marketing, management, collaboration etc can be transplanted/upgraded to free and open source technology. Could you do all your marketing through linkedin, facebook twitter etc? would an open source CRM provide you with a better solution than a tailor-made or off the shelf bought product and if so how far can we push this?

With google releasing a free operating system and the likes of open office, flickr, picassa, skype and googlewave are these tools enough to get by on and help improve a business’s bottom line as well as make efficiency savings. Well we certainly hope so and intend to show off a number of these technologies to the lucky few who’ve made it onto the hands on workshop on the 16th!

Looking at the technology progression from basic through to cutting edge emerging technologies at the International Digital Lab we think this will give innovated small businesses an insightful, fun and most importantly useful experience of living the Digital Goodlife!

More to follow… and certainly more workshops to come!

February 05, 2010

Looks at all the good stuff for SMEs!!

Writing about web page

ll we have a bumper crop of Free workshops coming up over the next few months! Brought to you by WMGs Knowledge Exchange team - Leading providers of research driven digital innovation for SMES

First off we have the first Innovative Engineering workshop in partnership with Aessis. This will teach innovative SME

  • Project Management & Workflows
  • Change Management & Version Control
  • Bills of Material & CAD integration

For more info please follow this link

Next we have the Digital Goodlife "can your business be run for free". Looking at all the amazing things that are available freely via the web and helping you decide if you can adapt them or even swap them for current paid for services wihin your current business!

For more info please follow this link

Then for all you web developers or managers worried about potential threats to your website, data or customers information we have the hugely successful Web Security Workshop. With cutting edge content taken directly from our eSecurity team at the Digital Lab.

For more info please follow this link

Last but not least we have the modeFRONTIER workshop run by our friend EnginSoft another SME supported by the Knowledge Exchange team. This workshop will:

  • To show engineers how to optimise their designs even where there are many conflicting objectives
  • To teach the basics of modeFRONTIER and give you the confidence to build your own workflow
  • To develop your skill set and kick start your training in one of the industry’s leading developments

For more info please follow this link

Don't worry if any of these workshop are full we will be running them on a regular basis!

If you have anything else you would like to speak to the Knowledge Exchange team about please get in touch!!

September 07, 2009

Web Security Workshop

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Hi all!

We will be hosting the next FREE Web Security Workshop after the previously successful event.

The workshop is aimed at West Midlands SMEs and is an informative, in-depth and fun way for your business to learn the tricks and skills to protect against malicious attacks.

The day is managed by the Knowledge Exchange and eSecurity teams from the International Digital Lab at the University of Warwick. The content comes directly from the eSecurity team headed up by Professor. Sadie Creese previously of QinetiQ.

If you think this workshop is for you, one of your employees or a partner please get in touch as places are limited!

Click here for more details



September 04, 2009

Today @ the Digital Lab

Writing about web page

Friday at the Digital Lab

The end of a busy week back after the long weekend, it feel like a 6day week instead of the 4 days, thats not right! The week has ranged for medical technologies, HDR cameras, social media and failed trips to the gym all linked together by pretty shocking weather.

Our eNewsletter was sent highlighting the web security workshop on the 24th september and students projects for west midlands SMEs to take advantage of!

Also 2 businesses with different opportunities they have been discussing with the KE team and various academics here. I Particular The Lean Company have some good ideas we are going to explore to take forward.

Roll on the weekend

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