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May 27, 2005

An alternative to watching Big Brother….

Get down to the Earlsdon Cottage tonight
Kristy is excellent and Beneva always put on a good performance. I have never seen Blue Nation but going on past experience of the musicians Malc and NAtahn get to play with them tehy should be worth seeing.

Let's be honest virtually anything has got to be better than watching Big Brother.

March 14, 2005

Paul Curreri & Devon sproule

Friday night a whole load of us from Coventry went over to Birmingham to see Johnny and Ruth supporting Paul Currei and Devon Sproule at the Glee Club.
About 30 of us met up at coventry station to get the train over to Birmingham( a bargain at only £1.50, provided you don't use the ticket machines which don't appear to know about cheap evening fares). We got to the club in plenty of time , but then it took 25 minutes quieng to get in, their entry system is almost as inefficient as the Unions was last time I bothered going in for an event.
First up was Johnny and Ruthe, who had an enthusiastic welcome as they were the reason most of us had gone over (Johhny runs the sunday open mic nights in the Tin Angel). The applause was however well deserved.
Next Devon did a solo set , she has a very pure , clear voice and and was very good. Paul then did his solo set, which was quite good.Followed by the pair of them performing together. To be honest their solo sets are far better than their combined performance which really didn't hold our attention, and we were quite pleased when they finished (forynately in plenty of time to get the last train back to Coventry).

I will actually be seeing them again tommorow night (monday) in the Tin Angel, which will be a more intimate performance as teh Tin is really not very big. The show starts at about 8 this time support is provided by Dave Sanders who is well worth checking out. If I am still suffering from this cold though I may only stop till the end of Paul and Devon's solo sets and skip the duet.

March 09, 2005

Joe Driscoll

Writing about web page

Well I was going to have a quiet night in , but ended up going down the Tin Angel as Alan Britten was playing as well and it was free.
Alan was great as usual, however joe Driscoll was something else. H edid quite a long set and it is quite amazing what one person can do just with his voice, a sampler and guitar. definitely worth catching live, especially if you can do so in an intimate venue like the Tin.
Now the only problem is the only nights I'm not out in the next 10 days are staurday and next tuesday.

February 27, 2005

who will miss mary

Follow-up to Some musical entertainment for tonight. from Lee's blog

Friday Night in the cottage was excellent. Alan's performance was only marred by the group of 4 women who obviously weren't interested in listening to any music and insisted on talking above the music. Fortunately they left near the start of the second act, much to nearly everyones relief, including the band.

Who will miss mary were excellent. I had never heard of them before but Beneva have played with them once or twice down in London. They consist of a fine female vocalist and 3 blokes on a variety of accoustic guitars (apparently they also have a drummer but he was elsewhere). After their set they gave out free copies of a 3 track cd single, and I also bought a copy of their album which I have already played through several times. There were a few people in who are active in the local music scene who were equally impressed with them so it is quite likely that they will be back in Coventry again, in which case I would recommend everyone to try and catch them.

The night was finished off by Beneva, who had organised the night. THey have just finished recording an album and played a few new songs from it, which were quite good as well as some of their older material. As usual it was an enjoyable performance, though some of their lyrics are abut cringeworthy.

February 25, 2005

Some musical entertainment for tonight.

For anyone in Earlsdon at a loose end tonight I reccommend going down to the cottage, where Alan Britten, Who will Miss Mary and Beneva are playing.

Alan is excellent(though lacking a website so) and well worth getting down for 8:30 to see. Never seen who will miss mary, but apparently they are highly recoomended and Beneva are usually quite enjoyable usuallly doing a selection of their own songs and covers of bands such as coldplay etc.
Entry only £3/£2 with NUS.

February 23, 2005

KT Tunstall

5 out of 5 stars

She first came to my attention because Olivia mentioned she was supporting her at a charity gig at Bablake school so i made an effort to catch it when she performed on Jools Holland.On first listening I must admit I wasn't overly excited by the album, however on a listenining a few more times the album is really growing on me.The only regret is that I should have got the first edition where Black Horse & the Cherry Tree is a bonus track and is the live recording from Jools Holland where she performed alone with the aid of some electrickery, rather than the later one (which was cheaper when I bought it) where it has been recorded in the studio and is lacking some of the cleverness of the live solo performance.
She is definitely an artist who should become big in the next year.

January 14, 2005

Local music and the Tsunami appeal

Writing about web page

This event is an excellent opportunity to see the best of the local music tallent in one go, all tastes catered for.
Also a lot of them have got together to produce a charity single , for which there is a launch party monday night in Newtz where again some of the best local acts will be performing. Both events should be well worth checking out.

November 25, 2004

Something worth checking out this thursday

Writing about web page

Personally I think it is worth going down the Hope and Anchor most thursdays anyway, but this week they have Jon Gomm playing, along with Rob Halligan as well as somne of the usual assortment.
Just seen Jon playing down at the Tin Angel, even with a couple of extra pickups and som electrickery it shouldn't be possible to produce that effect with an acoustic Guitar. The samples on his website don't do justice to his live performance.
So get down the Hope and Anchor this thursday, good music, free sweets and lots of candles. (sadly no proper beer though :-( )

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