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March 30, 2007


Writing about web page

Tomorrow I will be downstairs at the Golden cross looking after the sound for the Acoustic acts.

Should be really good, I suspect Sunday I will mostly be sleeping ;-) 


December 29, 2006

Some Videos from Saturday

Writing about web page /leedavis/entry/knackered_1/

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In the unlikely event anyone is actually interested here are some videos from last Saturday’s all dayer (thanks to Annie). There are more here.
It all went surprisingly well considering I had no idea what was going on most of the time until it happened, and over £1300 was raised for the teenage cancer trust.

Natasha started things off. She only found out she was playing half an hour before , filling in for Kristy who had cut her finger badly the night before so couldn’t play.

Next up was (one half of) Beneva + Buckechi

Jamsons Nook (at least half of them) were up next

Lost the Plot, first of the full bands

Shadowplay followed, the vocals actually came out a lot clearer on the video than I thought they were at the time, the guitars were turned up so high on stage that I didn’t have much to play with.

After that I had a bit of a break while Myke took over for The Treehorns, King Hermit, DBMA, Little Girl Screaming and most of A dear investment, until his hangover from the night before got the better of him.

Sun, zoom spark were next

Followed by The Decades

Finally Fancy Nancy, who had brought along a whole horde of fans finished the night off.

By the end of their set I’d had more than enough for the day and couldn’t wait for them to finish. I finally managed to escape shortly before 1am.

October 04, 2006


Hmm well I’ve got another few busy days (or at least evenings) coming up, though I haven’t quite decided yet on exactly what I’m doing.
Tonight , being wednesday I’m down the Golden Cross doing the sound for Justine as usual.
Thursday night I can’t decide whether to go down Taylor John’s House or The hope and anchor Friday night I might have to have a night in as I’m getting too old to go out every night, but I’m tempted to go down Taylor John’s House”: again if I don’t make the Hope on thursday.
Saturday again is a difficult choice,either Taylor John’s House yet again or The Graduate as I think Kristy is great, first time in ages the union has put on a series of affordable events that I would actually make an effort to go to.
Sundays I nearly always go down The Tin Angel as it usually a good open mic night, and everyone is really friendly there.
If my body and wallet can stand it the above pattern will be repeated for the next 10 weeks, I think the cat might start to feel abandoned though if I manage to keep it up.

July 12, 2006

Must be a quiet news day…..

Writing about web page

…. but quite amusing anyway.
bq. PETE WATERMAN, one of Coventry's most celebrated musical sons, has been barred for life from two venues in his home city – for "crimes against music".

May 19, 2006

Ramblin' Jack Elliot

Writing about web page

This tuesday night(23rd May) down Taylor John's at the canal basin is probably your only chance to see one of the most influential musicians still alive and well worth stretching your overdraft by another £10. The following lifted straight from the Tin Angel website.

Ramblin Jack One must catch Jack live to fully appreciate him. No album has ever been able to capture his storytelling ability, his archivist's knowledge of folk songs, his spontaneous. surealistic sense of humor or the aura of good feeling he creates on stage. Though Jack won a Grammy for his South Coast album in 1996, 'polished' is a word that has never been applied to one of has records. Friends of Mine is a collection of duets with Arlo Gutthrie. John Prine, Bob Weir, Tom Waits, Jerry Jeff Walker. Emmylou Harris. Nanci Griffith. Rosalie Sorrels. Peter Rowan and Guy Clark which, with restrained production by California slide guitar wizard Roy Rogers. has the feel of a casual evening on someone's back porch in the country. The songs are covers of folk classics by the likes of Townes Van Zandt. Woody Guthrie. Bob Dylan. Merle Travis and Tim Hardin.. My own favourite is Townes' 'Rex's Blues.' with Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith. sweetened by a Norton Buffalo harmonica break. But each of the tunes here has its own rough charm. As Ramblin' Jack albums go, it's one of the better ones, certainly better than South Coast.
But don't ever, ever pass up a chance to see Ramblin' Jack live, before be rambles off this planet.
Life–long aspiring cowboy, he's rode saddle broncos and bareback horses. He still ropes and hauls around on cow ponies. though after trying to sleep curled under saddle blankets, he's become quite a Land Rover aficionado. Jack fixes, steers, and accolades long–distance trucks. 'I've never seen a truck driver who looked as good as his truck.' He's a sailor, meaning the gaff and square rigged type old boats, not these plastic jobs. On his first trip to Hawaii he piloted a nuclear submarine a good part of the way from Lahaina to Pearl Harbor, even bounced some yodels through that metal hull. His indomitable knowledge of the names and uses of every square inch on a sailing ship or truck can be exhausting even before you learn he pilots airplanes too. 'Cowboy poets… call him up and quote 'cowboy rap' over the phone. firefighters. truck drivers, bikers. bartenders. everybody.'

March 27, 2006

a couple of pettitions

The local musicians have got a couple of pettions going, both are fairly self explanatory if you read them.

The first is to make the millenium place usable for outdoor events as was the original intention:

SINK THE CLOCK is at link

The second is to counter all the NIMBY's complaining about evnts in the memorial park, specifically the Godiva festival which if anyone is around in july is well worth attending.

SAVE GODIVA is at link

January 18, 2006

Local music Forums

Writing about web page

For anyone interested in local music there are some new Forums at Despite the name it does cover Leamington/ Nuneaton etc as well as Coventry.
This has taken over from the Attenshun Forems which were suspended just before christmas. It's a bit quiet on there at the moment as they only became active today and the temporary forums they are replacing appear to be down for maintenance this morning so most people who had found the temporary forums don't know yet.

November 07, 2005

Loads more music

Writing about web page

Looks like another busy week coming up. As Part of Coventry Live music festival tonight down St. Mary's Guildhall in association with The Tin Angel is Paul Curreri all the way from Charlotesville, Virginia, suported by Vijay Kishore and Alan Britten .

Wednesday night I cant decide whether to go to The Tin Angel or The Golden Cross, where Justine has moved her regular nights ( a much better venue for this than Scholars).

Thursday is the Hope and Anchor as usual, with a return vist from another US artist AM along with Wes Finch, another local artist worth checking out.

I haven't thought past Thursday yet, a couple of nights in might be a good idea and Kelvin might appreciate the company.

October 25, 2005

Busy week for music

It's another of those weeks when there is just too much on. Below is what I want to go to though I'm sure there's lots more going on as well.
Tonight is Danny Schmidt down The Tin Angel.
Wednesday is the last (at least for the time being, though Justine may be finding an alternate venue) acoustic night at Scholars. I may have to give this one a miss though as I already feel like I'm developing a cold and I'm not sure I can handle being out 4 nights in a row, even though I usually drive to this one so won't be drinking.
Thursday night Is my regular night out anyway Down at the Hope and Anchor, this is always worth going to but this week they have got some chap from the states called AM who I have never heard of before but sounds good on his website, along with Kristy and a couple of other local regulars.
Friday is Beneva's monthly event at the Earlsdon Cottage this months guests include Jon Gomm who is well worth catching.
I think I'll have Saturday night off, ready to start/end the week off again sunday night down the Tin angel as usual

September 26, 2005

An alternative to top bananna

For all you coventry people as an alternative to Top bananna you could always try the Colosseum wher tonight Matt Lakey is playing along with the The circle ,who I saw for the first time on saturday supporting Resound at their 100th Gig and are quite good, along with another local band Doctor Robert, who I haven't seen yet. You have to pay to get in but then drinks are only 50p on mondays.
And if you donn't appreciate decent live music they still have the cheesy disco in the main room.

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