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February 08, 2006

Visit to the vets

This morning was Kelvin's annual visit to the vets, scheduled for 9:00 as I can usually guarantee to find him at that time of day.
First problem is getting him into his carrier, one of those cheap collabsible ones as it folds down flat out the way for the remaining 364.9 days of the year. I managed after only 4 attemptsto get him in and the lid secured. Unfortunately Jlast night I had to park half way down the road, just as I was about to put him in the car he somehow managed with all his struggling to get the bottom to open out and he escaped. Fortunately he is fairly stupid and followed me all the way back to the house, not quite so stupid as to follow me in, but that was soon fixed by showing him his fish toy.
After a few quick repairs to the box and strengthening the bottom followed several more attempts to get him in, unfortunately with his persistence he was managing to slowly destroy the carrier and I couldn't find my Gaffer tape so plan B. At this point Kelvin thought he had won (but was a bit miifffed that he still couldn't get out the cat flap.Phoned the Vets to postpone the appointment and a quick trip to Pets at home to purchase a solid carrier. Loooking at the options one which had the option of top as well as front loading loked like a good idea, except the roof was wire as well so there looked like a high likelihood he would be able to scrtach me when I tried to pick him up so I opted for the solid roofed front loading only option.
On my return home Kelvin eyed this new contraption suspiciously and then tried another escape though the catflap before reluctantly alllowing me to pick him up. I managed to get him half in before he realised hs mistake, by which time it was too lat, though he did try and scratch me as I fastened the door.
After a wait to see the vet , his turn came, surprise surprise now he tried to hide at the back of the carrier but lost his valiant attempt to remain inside. I don't bother with the full health check, much to the vets delight, as he doesn't remain cooperative enough for them to do it, a quick worming tablet down his neck before he realises and a struggle to hold him down for the injection before forcing him back into the carrier.
He's now back at home sulking, but safe for another year from having to go to the Vets.

January 22, 2006

picture of contentment

Kelvin in front of the fire

December 15, 2005

Unfriendly cat

I currently have an additional house guest, Hugo's cat Jonesy .she is shut up in his room to keep her away from Kelvin (and so she can't escape through thecatflap) Sunday night she was understandably pissed off having spent 5 or so hours travelling by train up from Canterbury. Since tuesday morning I have been looking after her as Hugo has had to go back to Holland for his father in laws funeral, unfortunately she doesn't appear to appreciate I am only concerned for her wellbeing.She has at least stopped hiding under the bed, but still growls if I I go anywhere near her.
Hugo assures me she is a really nice cat, I'm not convinced, she sems even less sociable thyan my previous cat who hid from strangers and even ran away from me outside (I think his eyesight wasn't too good so he didn't recognise me.)
I'm not sure if Kelvin has realised there is another cat in there or not, I have so far managed to prevent him sneaking in when I go in to check on her, I don't really fancy breaking up the inevitable fight if they do get ogether.

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