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November 10, 2005

A new way to waste time.

Writing about WTF Part II from El Meu Blog

Since Amazon are obviously desperate to boost their revenue by now inserting 'sponsored links' in their product descriptions this gives perfect oportunity for a new game.
Who can find the most inappropriate advert for a product. Since they seem to work by just looking at words in the artist/titles on CD's it shouldn't be too hard to guess at some possible good results. Unfortunately unlike google wacking the results are not repeatable but
As a starter I just got this one.

Threesome [Mexican Standoff/Don't Ask Don't Tell/Got No Strings] [Box set] [Limited Edition] [Import]
Michelle Shocked

gave me

Customers interested in this title may also be interested in:
What's this? ( What's this? ) Feedback

* Gay Interest Movies

Keep up to date with our huge selection of gay and lesbian interest movies, biographies and documentaries. Hope you enjoy shopping with us.

I have no idea how they could think that that is a suitable reccomendation, as far as I am aware Michelle shocked is not a gay icon, unless 'mexican standoff' is a euphemism for some strange sexual practice.

November 07, 2005

Loads more music

Writing about web page

Looks like another busy week coming up. As Part of Coventry Live music festival tonight down St. Mary's Guildhall in association with The Tin Angel is Paul Curreri all the way from Charlotesville, Virginia, suported by Vijay Kishore and Alan Britten .

Wednesday night I cant decide whether to go to The Tin Angel or The Golden Cross, where Justine has moved her regular nights ( a much better venue for this than Scholars).

Thursday is the Hope and Anchor as usual, with a return vist from another US artist AM along with Wes Finch, another local artist worth checking out.

I haven't thought past Thursday yet, a couple of nights in might be a good idea and Kelvin might appreciate the company.

November 01, 2005

Finally got it

Follow-up to Wow, I actually 'won' something from Lee's blog

Well After waiting nearly a month it finally turned up, but is infact a 2MB Ipod Nano, rather than the originally advertised mini ( and no you still can't have it Bob ).
On first impressions it is quite neat,even the packaging it comes in, apart from the rather well publicised problem of being very easy to scratch, just by looking at it too hard. It appears to be relatively simple to use, though most of the additional 'features' will probably not get used it is quite a neat little package and the screen resolution is quite good for displaying pictures.
My main use for it will probably be plugging it into the car stereo on long journeys. I bought a cd walkman for that purpose years ago, but it was never particularly practical so rarely used it.

Now I just neeed to finish converting all my CDs to MP3, I'm only about halfway through so far and already used up ~5GB on my laptop.

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