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February 15, 2009

Foundation Year Doctors apply for national positions for thier second year of training.

Foundation year doctors across the UK are applying for their second year posts. This national process has doctors essentially answering 2 questions in a 150 word statement. What will you bring to your second year in post, and outline the achievements of the initial 1 year training.

The foundation year has replaced the old "house officer" role, and split a one year preregistration post into a more extended 2 year period.

An un-named west midlands FY1 doctor told me today

Its not like it was when you were training. There's so much in the statement. 150 words to decide on your future job for a year 2 post isn't very much!

Hopefully the application process will run smoothly, unlike the MTAS fiasco. Read my interview with RemedyUK spokesman, Consultant Anaesthetist Richard Marks here on my other blog.

The training grades are summarised concisely below, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Old system New system (Modernising Medical Careers)
Year 1: Pre-registration house officer (PRHO) - one year Foundation House Officer - 2 years
Year 2: Senior house officer (SHO)
a minimum of two years, although often more
Year 3: Specialty Registrar (StR)
in a hospital speciality:
six years
Specialty Registrar (StR)
in general practice:
three years
Year 4: Specialist registrar
four to six years
GP registrar- one year
Year 5: General practitioner
total time in training: 4 years
Years 6-8: General practitioner
total time in training:
5 years
Year 9: Consultant
total time in training:
minimum 7-9 years
total time in training:
8 years
Optional Training may be extended by pursuing
medical research (usually two-three years),
usually with clinical duties as well
Training may be extended by obtaining
an Academic Clinical Fellowship for research.

February 08, 2009

Trauma Course, MMC, MTAS and the Foundation Year Programme.

I’ve been hearing good things about a trauma course organised in the West Midlands, so we decided to mosey around and take a bit of a closer look. One of the problems with applying for jobs as a doctor (MTAS, MMC and the like) is that the good old personal statement can be a bit of a nightmare. There are a few courses out there, but we’d recommend picking a course that has formal CPD accreditation (that’s continuing professional development). There’s no reason why a medical student who’s interested in trauma couldn’t enrol on one of these courses, and it would certainly impress and interviewing panel (the course in question is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh). It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but it beats revising on a Saturday, and there is a big practical element. Find out more here about the programme, or click the picture below.

Trauma Courses

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