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March 17, 2009

Streaming video for your website: practical points

I run a Website through a web hosting company which is said to offer "unlimited bandwidth". The bottom line is however that this essentially is meaningless! To host large medical examination videos (i.e. 80megabytes plus) without a dedicated server to 750 plus users is virtually impossible.

Having now negotiated new hosting, our customers will  hopefully be much happier, however it does seem to be a bit misleading as a non IT professional when you look at whats on offer from some hosting firms. However, apart from the download issue, our hosting providers have been first class, and initially ewe did not specifically ask about video hosting.

Not withstanding our wonderful VLE (see Robert OToole's site for his perspectives!), having high quality video material is essential.

You can watch a video here, which was that was first hosted on YouTube.

Now our speeds are pretty similar to that found on YouTube.

My Masters in Medical Education is continuing apace and I hope to be able to accredit some of the experiential learning from the site towards my future qualifications.

At the site, on the quesitons and videos and also on our blog our videos now run quite seamlessly. Hopefully when we encourage feedback from our use base, we'll be able to concentrate more on the content than providing a high quality service.

If you have any comments I'd love to hear them.

October 19, 2008

Clinical Guidlines Anybody?

Ive just been compiling a list of clinical guidelines and thought: wouldn't it be nice if they were all in the same place.

About 20+ British Societies alone.

These things are so useful for anybody writing about anything, I just dont think people are savvy enough yet to actually find these links!

Anyway if you're bored, check out some of these links...

I think Im still fit to drive

AAN: American Academy of Neurology guidelines

AACE: American association of Clinical Endocrinologists with guidelines here

BAD: British association of dermatologists with guidelines here

BOA: British Association of Orthopaedics with guidelines here

British Society of Immunology

BSR: British Society of Rheumatology, clinical guidelines here

British Toxicological Society

BTS: British Thoracic Society, clinical guidelines here

EAU: European Association of Urology guidelines here

ESC European Society of Cardiology: nice source for cardiovascular guidelines list here

Fitness to Drive: British Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) downloadable PDF ‘at a glance’ guide on fitness to drive

RCOG Royal College of obstetrics and gynaecology guidelines here

The Renal Association. source for chronic kidney disease and eGFR guidelines here

It really starts to drag and although i think this sort of stuff will be useful for my other website I'm not so sure anyone will acually click on them! Never mind. I'll still use them

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