November 11, 2010

Windows 7 "Upgrade" for a MacBook Pro without windows.

I'm just in the process of trying to install windows 7 on a MacBook Pro. Here's the chain of events so far.

  1. I bought the software from "Software4students", as a student thinking it was the bonafide software. Its not.
  2. On arrival of the software it was an upgrade disk. The software came in an unmarked, loose, nonsealed plastic wallet.
  3. I sent it back because I thought I wouldnt be able ot install it on my mac, although i do own genuine windows 7 on my desktop.
  4. "Software4students" refused to give me a refund, and sent the software back to me, stating it was in thier T's and C's. I was pretty annoyed by this, but essentially there was nothing that could be done other than trying to take them to court.
  5. They sent the disc back to me.
  6. I have just read on a blog that I may be able to install it directly on a Mac.

So here goes, installing Windows 7 'Upgrade' on a mac with no windows, although I do own Windows, albeit its on another PC.

windows 7

  • Is it just me or is the 'upgrade' bit on the picture above just a little bit too small?
  • Am I pretty amazed that its pretty unclear as to weather or not this works or not? Yes.
  • Are there lots of students who will by the Windows7 student edition? Yes.
  • Do I think I should be able to get a refund for software that I haven't used or entered a licence key for? Yes.

As it turns out I think Im just going to give it a go and hope for the best.

Will it work? I will find out.... Hopefully in less than under 2 hours!

PS... if you are reading this and you know that its not going to work, feel smug now...

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