May 03, 2010

Twitter for Medical Student Lectures?

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I had a great time at the International Conference on Virtual Patients in London last week. One of the real positives to come out of the web2.0 discussions was how to hear how students can get engaged with elearning technologies. I personally took one idea as being a really helpful one.Twitter in action

The concept of using twitter and the use of hash-tags (like #lecture) to allow students to post up comments on a running board during the process of a teaching session sounded to me really attractive.

I wonder if anyone else is using a similar technique to help teach, and what their experiences have been. It can be a little daunting teaching groups of 150+, and I guess things could get out of hand, but it sounds like quite an engaging thing to get the students to do. I think Ill roll it out the next time I get to teach a few medical students.

There were quite a few other comments from people attending the conference, I hope to put some of them in a more formal form here.

There is also a great clip on YouTube which really summed up the buzz or the vibe that I'd like to create trying to deliver these new things, from a chap from the University of Arizona. It was interesting to hear the opinions of some of his previous peers on his teaching style, he certainly gets my vote for the high quality production and the messages you get from the video.

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  1. Daniel Hendrick

    Text is linear….Wesch is some sort of a genius. He’s been awarded some of he highest accolades in US education, but the guy is still only a few years in with very limited teaching experience. His PhD is on something totally unrelated to teaching. We can all learn from this stuff. I expect if you do use Twitter like this you will find that this your students don’t turn off, tune out, or play up, but engage.

    10 May 2010, 21:30

  2. Hannah Hodgson

    I too have been hugely impressed with how effectively Wesch communicates on teaching issues that concern us all. Also worth a watch is a project undertaken with his class a couple of years ago, called A Vision of Students Today .

    Closer to home, I’m always enthused by the innovations in teaching at Warwick; many of our users here in the Teaching Grid have great ideas on how to develop their activities to engage students, and work exceptionally hard to make those ideas a reality. Pop in and see us if you’ve got something in mind, or would like some inspiration – we’d be very pleased to see you!

    11 May 2010, 13:02

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