March 22, 2009

Google street view comes to Warwick?

IMagine my surprise when I found out that no, my parents street is not on google streetview and no, neither is Warwick Medical School.


I wasn't surprised to hear the reports on BBC about infringement of peoples privacy, e.g. being snapped coming out of a sex shop in Soho probably wouldn't go down too well.

Nevertheless, plaudits to Google for having the balls for coming up with such a comprehensive package.

And how many advertisers are fitted onto the main page?

Count them

1. Tate

2. Fancy a pint? (encouraging underage drinking?)

3. Visit Britain ( fair enough)

4. Mayor of London (Boris do you have nothing better to spent the capitals hard earned cash on? Better save some for Barclay's)

5. Find a Property (I guess they need all the help they can get in these times, maybe they should ask Boris)

Wait till they come to Warwick...

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  1. Yvonne

    I’ve been photographed outside an Ann Summers shop that was bad enough.

    23 Mar 2009, 08:53

  2. James Bateman

    I hope no-one photographed me coming out of the last Newcastle match I’m not sure I can stand the shame….

    23 Mar 2009, 14:49

  3. Well, it did come to Warwick at your time of writing. As you may be aware, street view went live on 11 March 2010 for version 2 at 96% of the UK – see the gate house sign, it reads ‘Tues 24 March…The Young Victoria’ my guess that was 2009?

    31 Mar 2010, 23:19

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