June 14, 2009

Effective Teams

I beleive that a part of leader's responsibility is to improve his or her team's effectiveness. I have not thought of it before but what is an effective team? What makes a team effective? 

I found my answer in chapter 10 of 'Inspirational Leaders' by Ronald J Burke and Cary L. Cooper. In the book, team effectiveness consists of 2 components: team performance and team viability.

Performance relates to teams ability to successfully deliver an output. Where as the concept of viability is future oriented and includes continutity (maintaining core team membership), commitment (to shared goals), cohesion (unity between team members) and capability (developing competencies to achieve shared goals).

So to maximise effectiveness of a team, a leader must attend to both performance and viability of the team.

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  1. In my opinion Shez there are other aspects to effective teams. I would be careful about picking up a book and taking what you read as the definitive answer on the subject. There are obviously lots of books out there, and you may find that after reading several different theories, there is one that you prefer. For example what about the environment? This has quite a significant role in how effective a team may be. The situation dictates also whether or not the team is effective. Obviously you may have already read several items and found that this is the one that resonates with you, in which case stick with it! I’ve just found, especially from the reading for this assignment, that it is definitely necessary to get information on the same topic for a variety of sources in order to assess the information and form your own opinion, which may or may not coincide with one of the theories which you found in a book.

    14 Jun 2009, 10:18

  2. Amrita

    Hi !

    I think in an effective team People are free in expressing their feelings as well as their ideas. There is a clear unity of purpose.
    The atmosphere tends to be informal, comfortable, relaxed and so people are free in expressing their feelings as well as their ideas.
    Each individual carries his or her own weight and criticism is frequent, frank and relatively comfortable. The group has set clear and demanding performance goals.

    With Regards

    13 Jul 2009, 14:48

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