May 17, 2006

Things can only get better…

…as Rebecca pointed out to me on the bus.

This isn't to say things are bad. Today, they started off fairly badly, given that I woke up in a bad mood, slept in and so did no work, and forgot my flute and so had no flute lesson. But it really did improve. After reading Northanger Abbey and laughing out loud, procrastinating in the MC Office, getting some tablets for the back and chatting to some very lovely people (even the ones I did prevent from revising) I felt a lot better. And then went on an unusually un–hardcore Brasssoc social. These exams have a lot to answer for…

Still, my exams start soon, and once I've got Jane Austen out the way I'll (hopefully) be less stressed, in spite of the fact that the next two exams are probably harder. And things really can only get better, especially once the exam period's over. Whit Friday, Drayton Manor, the Chaplaincy Ball, Tour, all within the space of a couple of weeks. And I reckon that most things that were due to go wrong this term have gone wrong by now, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm over the worst of it!

Right, I'll stop waffling now and go and do something constructive – sleep…

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  1. Its ok, you can learn through your elbows by osmosis.
    We'll be productive tomorrow…

    17 May 2006, 22:17

  2. Hardcore Brasssoc social? Tonight? Bugger…

    Still, the Champions League final was quite good.

    17 May 2006, 23:49

  3. 'Un–usually unhardcore brasssoc social' Ben – probably because of the reason that you were all watching the football I reckon!

    17 May 2006, 23:57

  4. Indeed, things can only get better! :) That's what I'm thinking as I sit here with 5 hours until my first exam!! (eeek!) Lots and lots of things to look forward to and you should especially be looking forward to living in a tent for a week with Julia and I! Oh tour is going to be soooooo much fun! :) Hope revision goes well over the next few days, hopefully see you at the beginning of next week if I have time to actually leave the house! lol.

    x x x

    18 May 2006, 08:50

  5. Grrr why do I never learn from my mistakes?! Never have two smiley faces in the same paragraph! Really wish you could edit comments afterwards, maybe I should teach myself to preview them first!

    18 May 2006, 08:52

  6. Oh yeah, I mis–read that. Sorry. Well, of course it wasn't hardcore – it wasn't just me missing, Jim, Joe, Paul and the Wee Man were all watching the football as well.

    18 May 2006, 11:09

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