May 05, 2006

Things are looking up!

In saying that, I don't mean to imply that they were looking down – things have been pretty good on the whole of late (particularly now I can play evil sax bit in "I Can Do That"!). It's just that work's really been stressing me out, to the point of sleeping badly, and after a couple of revision seminars and a few hours' work on my essay, I don't feel so bad about it. Firstly, I now feel like I can do these exams. Going to Euro Novel and P&S reminded me that I actually do know quite a lot of the background to each of these texts (go me, taking three modules all based around the same periods in literature!) which means that the "society" bit of Poetry and Society should be OK, and I know more about the novels on the Euro Novel course than I thought. Still going to have to read a lot of poetry to make up for my poor effort in P&S so far, but given that I can skim–read all the others and can effectively discount any texts I've already written about, I think I can just about manage.

Even better than that, though… I got the dreaded P&S assessed research essay back yesterday, and got… 68! Woo! And there were some really positive comments on the mark sheet, as well. Not only has this meant that I've got some leeway going into the exam (reckon I should be on 67, just, so can afford to get a mid–low 2:2) but it's also made me a lot more confident about my essay writing in general. Just as well, really, given that I'm starting writing my Euro Novel assessed essay today and I'm working desperately hard to keep the little voice out of my mind that says "I can't do this". Keep having to remind myself that I've done 5,000 words (and in the space of a weekend) before and I got a good mark for that, plus I actually know what I'm writing in the essay and I reckon it's reasonably good. Calm, Lu. Calm.

I've also got the thought of girly night to look forward to tonight as well – Old Orleans and the cinema with some rather fabulous company :) Last night's curry was most excellent, thoroughly enjoyed myself – especially the chance to wear a skirt as it's now summer! Yay! The Bengal's Chicken Garlic is recommended (I also recommend that you stay as far away from me as possible over the next few days…) and the three–word epithets we came up with for people were genius. I think my favourite is "May require more words"...

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  1. Yeay for the girly night! :–) That's one of the things keeping me on track today! Unlike blogs and MSN and suchlike! he he!

    See you tonight!
    x x x

    05 May 2006, 09:41

  2. I think the Chicken Garlic is overrated. i had it once and it tasted boring.

    05 May 2006, 16:05

  3. Yay girlie nights!

    05 May 2006, 16:42

  4. Good use of "epithets"!

    06 May 2006, 10:50

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