July 07, 2006

An update from the Capital of Culture (although Capital of Building Sites might be more apt…)

So, first blog of the holidays. I guess it should, by rights, be a post–Tour blog, but I think Naomi’s pretty much got that covered. I may do something on Tour if I get round to it, but that’s by no means a guarantee. Pictures will be going up on Facebook and on my MSN space as well if I think on; I’ll stick all my photos on my blog when I get a spare few minutes. For now you’ll have to make do with a general update I’m afraid!

Things have been pretty good since I got home. It’s been good to get away from last term, and in some ways, good to get away from the MC. Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys (shucks), but sometimes all the gossip and the politics become a little too much to handle. I felt after Tour, enjoyable though it was (and it was), that I really needed a bit of breathing room, a bit of space to use a more hackneyed expression. And I’m feeling a lot better for it. Just being able to sit back and read whatever I want, from more serious stuff to trash, is sheer bliss. A break is really what I needed after last term, and so far it’s doing me the world of good.

Results came in the post this week – I got a 2:1! I know, that’s pretty much as expected, but there’s that moment when you open the envelope when you wonder if it’s all quite gone to plan. Was generally quite happy, as there were areas I felt I could’ve done better in, and would like a slightly higher average next year (I know, picky picky picky) but on the whole I did well. Most impressive mark: 68 in the module of doooooooom! Seriously, if not attending lectures and being terrified come exam time has that effect on me, maybe I should do it for all my modules next year…

This week’s been going rather well so far. Yesterday didn’t start off too great. Actually, that’s a lie – it started off fine, even if it did start off on a friend’s sofa bed after a really good night in. It just reached the stage where little things were getting to me, so much so that I was tempted to write a blog entry about them knowing that I’d be able to do a more cheerful one this evening. But I’ve since realised I can’t be bothered to do two blog entries. And things are actually pretty good at the moment. I’ve just got a bit of a bad back and feel like I’ve got a lot of soul–searching (bit of a cliché there, my apologies) to do after last term. But that’s nothing major.

Anyway, there’ve been loads of things happening over the past few days, and some still to happen, which doth a happy Lu make. As I mentioned (kind of), yesterday I had a lovely meal cooked for me and had a great evening catching up with my friends from 6th form. It’s really good to catch up with everyone when I get back here, and makes me wonder why I don’t keep in touch with them more during the term, even though I know it’s because we’re all really really busy. I’ve got plenty more people to get back in touch with and loads of stuff on to keep me occupied. This summer’s shaping up to be a good’un :) The sun’s been cracking the flags (a Scouse expression?) here for much of the time – it’s clouded over now and we’re probably due a thunderstorm soon, but it’s been lovely for the past few days. Did get to feel smug when Sam said there was a thunderstorm where he was; it’s not often the north–west has better weather than the south! Have taken advantage of it by walking round the park as part of my “I seem to have lost weight whilst on Tour, I best keep this up” programme, and doing some sunbathing in the back garden. Am off to London this weekend so will probably avoid the thunderstorm, although I’m aware that it’s currently unbearably hot in the capital (40 degrees on the Tube, apparently). Still, not only do I get to see my Mum and do some shopping, but we’re also planning on visiting a spa for the day :) Hurrah!

Had a pretty good day all round yesterday. Firstly, my new Sennheiser headphones, as recommended by Sam, arrived in the post, and they really are good! Have been enjoying muchly listening to the iPod with them. Went to the hairdressers in the evening, which might sound odd as an enjoyable experience, but I’m sure most women will understand. There’s something about being pampered, getting your hair washed for you and getting a free head massage at the same time, that almost justifies the amount I spend on it. Plus I for one always come out feeling better about myself than before, knowing I’m guaranteed a good hair day for the next couple of days! They did a darn good job this time, too – managed to give it a bit more shape whilst keeping the length, and changed the colour slightly too. And then I spent the evening relaxing whilst watching an excellent seniors match at Wimbledon, featuring the legend that is Goran Ivenisevic. The Over–35s matches are great: not only do you get to see the great players of the past playing some surprisingly good tennis, but because they’re not playing for money (although they’re still clearly playing to win) they manage to make it really entertaining. Yesterday, at one point, it was Leconte and ball–girl versus Donnelly and line judge. Hilarious. Highly recommended!

But the best news from this week is yet to come. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you… Yasmine 2!

Yasmine 2

OK, so she’s a bit different to Yasmine, as the more eagle–eyed among you will have noticed (older, different colour, fewer doors). But to be honest, I quite like that about her. After the accident my parents and I discussed whether it was a good idea to have exactly the same car again, and my mum expressed some concern about it. Yasmine 2’s perfect for that reason: she drives pretty much the same as Yasmine, but there are little differences that keep me on my toes in a “That’s not where the handbrake was…” kind of way. Otherwise, she’s the same model with the same size engine – and for £2000 less than we paid originally, and £4000 less than the equivalent new Yaris! That saving should be enough for me to justify buying a new sax over the summer. Hurrah. And I promise not to get too attached to this one, even if it has already got a name!

Right, that’s it from me. Hope you’re all enjoying the good weather and that those of you at work get some chance to take advantage of it. Enjoy, and speak to most of you soon :)

And apologies for the epic length of that entry. Maybe I should start doing an Alex Stanbury summary…

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  1. Yeay for Yasmine 2! I look forward to meeting her very much! Will she be attending my birthday celebrations next week?

    Missing you lots :–) Things are a little odd here, very long story, lots to tell you, I feel that we may need a serious catch up soon! The house has a Lu shaped hole and I can't wait for you to move in! I haven't even unpacked yet, just been soo busy with work and things. Got the day off today and I've liking the chance to get some things done. Shopping time this afternoon!

    Hope you're ok, will def speak soon
    x x x

    07 Jul 2006, 12:47

  2. That was long…

    Anyyyway, if you think MC politics are hardcore try MTW politics, there are more love triangles than one would find in Sams stick bag?!

    Yay for your new car!! Hope you're feeling happy about that whole situation now :) I'm having a very annoying day where everything annoys me but at least i'm off to warwick after work so that'll be fun!

    07 Jul 2006, 16:15

  3. I'm regretting doing an epic tour entry now – I like reading everybody else's!

    Glad things are looking up hun :–). Yasmine 2 is very pretty! Must definitely keep in touch over the summer – 3 months is so long! Big hugs xx

    07 Jul 2006, 18:35

  4. Lu visiting my home city? Coffee time!

    07 Jul 2006, 22:32

  5. Glad you enjoy the Sennheiser's – they're amazing aren't they?! And thanks for rubbing it in my face that there was a thunderstorm on my birthday, hrmph…

    Good long entry that though, very readable. If I didn't know better I'd have said you were doing English and Creative Writing or something :–)


    P.S. I know what you mean about a break, it's been really nice having a few days to myself recently, though I'm sure I'll start missing everyone I'm sure when I'm back in So'ton on my lonesome…

    08 Jul 2006, 01:44

  6. I too now have Sennwhatsits – I saw your blog entry as a sign that i needed to update from my iPod headphones with 1 working channel (just). They are rather huge but i like to think as I walk down the street that people will only laugh at how stupid i look and not worry that i'm compensating for something.

    10 Jul 2006, 13:47

  7. Juicy

    Yoshi has assured me that while he will always love Yasmine 1 he thinks he can be persuaded by the curvy body and lovely colour of Yasmine 2, and provided that you're a little bit more careful with this one he is definatly up for some more Yaris love action.

    11 Jul 2006, 16:21

  8. Don't worry, I have absolutely no intention of writing off another Yaris! You should get to see her when she visits Northampton with me on Sat, I'll introduce her :)

    She's got a really cool engine note as well, for some reason it sounds a lot lower (and more impressive) than Yasmine 1. And she still goes fairly fast on the motorway!

    12 Jul 2006, 22:32

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