July 12, 2006

A nice way to spend an evening

Go for a random walk and a random drive.

Random drives are always good. The random walk was lovely – Jules and I had a stroll along the Pierhead after dinner to see where the Mersey Ferry terminal sunk (and it has properly sunk – it's really surprising!), to look at the new stadium they're building at the King's Dock, and to try and work out what the Third Grace was. We got the Cunard Building, and obviously the Liver Building; turned out we'd both forgotten the Port of Liverpool Building. Anyway, it was just really nice to stroll along the waterfront. Reminds me of the things that are good about my home city, and gave me the chance to find out some stuff that I didn't already know about it. Plus Jules and I got to have a good chat and catch up as we walked along, which is always a bonus!

The random drive was great! Haven't done that in a long while, and it reminded me just why I used to love doing it in sixth form. Maybe it's because I know the area round Liverpool a lot better, but there's something satisfying about going for random drives when I'm home; it's just not the same at uni. Plus tonight we ended up driving to a local beach, which clearly isn't going to happen in the West Midlands! Under Jules' expert guidance, we meandered up the coast to Formby, had some excitement when we got stopped at a level crossing (OK, it's not that exciting, but it had never happened to me before! Probably a had to be there thing), drove past all the footballers' houses and ended up at the sand dunes – with the Beatles on the stereo, naturally! It probably doesn't sound like much but it was great to see parts of the city (ish) that I don't usually visit. It was also Yasmine 2's first proper trip out and first trip on the motorway, which reminded me not only how much I've missed driving, but how much I missed my Yaris. Definitely going to take good care of this one…

London was good. Didn't get up to too much, but managed to have a bit of a shop and visited a spa, which was amazing – so relaxing! Well recommended. The spa I went to was the originally titled "The Spa at Chancery Court" and had a relaxation room, steam room, sauna, lovely showers… It was bliss. Could've stayed there far, far longer than I did. The other highlights included eating in a Nando's built into the arches under a railway bridge, so that you could hear the trains going overhead, and taking a stroll yesterday evening along the South Bank, stopping on Waterloo Bridge to have a gaze at the skyline. Fabulous. Still don't think I could live in London though, just don't think I could hack the pace…

Up next this week: catching up with old friends (again), Kel's 21st in Northampton, and then Snow Patrol in Nottingham, followed by the Open at Royal Liverpool. The fun never stops :)

Alex Stanbury Summary: Went for random walk and random drive. Learned about Liverpool with friend. Went to London. Had fun in spa and on bridge.

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  1. Hey!! I should have copyrighted the Alex Stanbury Summary! Bloody Scousers, always stealing stuff!

    12 Jul 2006, 23:20

  2. Lucy Griffiths

    I think you'll find the word is 'pilfer'. It's just not the same.

    13 Jul 2006, 08:25

  3. It is stealing… unless Lu said "yoink" when writing it.

    13 Jul 2006, 10:00

  4. Oh, "didn't get up to much" in London (!)

    Cheers (!)

    13 Jul 2006, 20:51

  5. Jules

    Proper late reply but I haven’t chcked your blog in a while (sorry)! Just wanted to say that I’m touched to be mentioned! Plus it was nice to be reminded of our random night, it was great! We shall have to have another one at some point in a different part of the city or city(ish) :)

    Speak soon xx

    09 Aug 2006, 22:19

  6. Jessica

    Hello Lucinda,
    I read with interest in your blog about your Yaris
    and was wondering whether you would like to appear in Toyota magazine with it. I am shortlisting candidates for the mag until Friday, so if you are in the UK and think that you and your Yaris should appear in the mag, let me know!
    Bets wishes,

    02 Jul 2007, 14:35

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