June 15, 2006

Bad news

My iPod's died :'–(

Anyone who knows anything about these things – help! It's doing the folder with the exclamation mark thing. I've reset it – still doing it. I've connected it to the PC, at which point it came up saying "Do not disconnect" as per, except it was in a completely different font, didn't seem to be in colour (it's an iPod photo, a year and a half old) and looked like something you'd get on an older iPod. So I went to the Apple website, and it told me to restore the thing, but I can't because the PC's not recognising the iPod – it does nothing when I plug it in except charge it, it doesn't appear in iTunes, and the nearest I've got to it appearing on the PC itself is a message saying "Windows does not recognise this USB device. It appears to have malfunctioned." Yeah, cheers for that…

So I searched further on the Apple website, and it said to set the thing to disk mode. Done – it's coming up with what it says it should say, "OK to disconnect", but the lettering's still in a weird style, though. And the PC still won't recognise it. All the iPod updater software says is "iPod service error", even after I installed the latest software. AAAAAARGH!!!

So given that tomorrow's gone (Alton Towers, woooo!) and Saturday too due to Renegade (unless I go reeeeeeeally early… hmmm) it looks like my iPod won't get fixed till next week… How am I going to cope? And what if it's not back for Tour?! Can't cope without my iPod for Tour, it's the thing that keeps me sane…

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Good news

Not only does the West End version of the Lion King have an amaaaaaaaazing flute part (I think they said in the programme they used 19 different ethnic flutes!) but the cowbell part's pretty cool too :)

Anyone want to submit it for MTW…? (Not an entirely serious suggestion, incidentally – I know we wouldn't get the rights and that it would be seriously hard to stage…)

The show itself is amazing though, and both my mum and I agreed it was the best musical we'd seen in a long time. Highly recommended.

June 10, 2006

At some point…

… I'll put up all the photos from Whit Friday. For now, you'll have to make do with this!Lecturers Strike School

The University of Warwick Brass Society: Teaching Lecturers to Strike Since 2006!

June 07, 2006

Woo hoo!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the module of doom is over. Having got 4 hours' sleep last night, and been woken up this morning by the sound of the rest of our house getting up (all 5 of us sitting the one module), I was worried I'd have no concentration in the exam. And I did have a couple of "What on earth am I saying here/I'm completely waffling, aren't I?" moments, not least in my 2nd essay where I seemed to lose my train of thought completely. But then came my third essay which I felt I did really well on. Still had the odd wandering off–topic/waffling moment, but I turned it around, and the odd times I thought "This is rubbish, isn't it?" I realised it sounded like rubbish a critic would write, and felt better :)

Hyperness due to having got exam out the way and done ok in it, and having followed this up with a good flute lesson, is wearing off now and the need to sleep is setting in. But first, I think I'll go and sit out in the sun reading. Hurrah!

And start revising again. Boo. Hiss.

June 06, 2006

And yet despite all this…

Follow-up to Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww from The Blog of Lu

… I still went to Top B. Hee hee :)

And it actually seemed like a sensible idea! I've not been to the Union since School Days at the start of this term, and I really enjoyed myself in spite of not drinking. That and it was a reward to myself for now being able to talk about the Victorian crisis of masculinity amongst poets with reference to the poems of Matthew Arnold and some of the poems of Tennyson. Tomorrow: rest of Tennyson, hopefully Robert Browning, and finish off the Romantics/generally consolidate everything, and tell myself that I do know stuff. Enough to get a 2:1, anyway.

On an unrelated note, am liking the URL for the previous entry. Liking less the amount of space emails relating to it take up!

June 05, 2006

Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

The blisters. They still hurt. Walking is difficult.

I have an exam on Wednesday and although I've put loads of work in – more than I've done in any exam I've ever taken before now, I mean I've even done background reading! – I feel I don't know anywhere near enough. Speaking to others on my course and to my housemates doesn't help. Plus I'm not convinced that the stuff I revised last week has gone in, leaving me tomorrow to not only finish off my revision but to consolidate everything else.

Can't really afford to take the rest of Wednesday off, either, due to it being Whit Friday this Friday! Wooooo! Just hope I can walk again by then.

I may be ever so slightly stressed and have had a cup of strong tea before this blog entry. Oh dear.

May 31, 2006

On this day in 1678…

…tax protestor Lady Godiva rode through the streets of Coventry. Today's bit of local trivia was brought to you courtesy of the Excite home page :)

May 26, 2006

Aren't some kids' books great?

I was having a bit of a reminisce about books I loved in my youth and still love today, partly because I'm buying a new copy of Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising Sequence" on Amazon, and partly because I was listing my favourite books on Facebook. And I realised whilst on Amazon looking up "The Dark is Rising" that you know a book's probably quite good when 29 people have reviewed it, and one person's given it 4/5 stars. The others have all given it 5 stars. Ditto "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster – 13 reviews, all 5 stars. Both brilliant books which I will still quite happily read now, mid–way through my English Literature degree, both possibly not as well–known as they should be, and both really, really good. Recommended.

Sitting here with a smile on my face feeling better about life

Writing about web page /rcoram/entry/a_common_misconception/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

The comments on Rebecca's entry have really cheered me up and restored my faith in men, not least because they've reassured me that a) men aren't shallow (well, not that shallow at least! :–P) and b) that I never need to have another moment where I worry about someone I've taken a liking to seeing me without makeup.


I'm now going to get a cup of tea and revise in ultimate contentment*. Thank you guys :)

*As far as such a thing is possible where revision is involved.

May 23, 2006


Follow-up to One down, two to go from The Blog of Lu

I spent ages whilst revising over the past week and a bit thinking of all the nice things I'd do when it actually came to Tuesday afternoon and I had a break.

Now I'm here, I'm too tired to do any of them. Humph.

I'm going to go and have some tea in the hope that it'll wake me up…

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