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July 24, 2007

What kind of muppet orders a side salad from McDonalds?

Well, I did.

Not being a meat-eater, I’ve always been a bit stuck when it comes to fast food – especially KFC. We’ve been screwed over even more since McDonalds got rid of the Veggie Deli Melt and replaced with a veggie burger in a roll for 50p more than a veggie burger in a bun. So I thought I’d really irritate them when we went through a drive-thru at the weekend… by ordering a salad.

The concept of McDonalds selling salad to me, more so than the carrot sticks and fruit bags of the Happy Meal menu, speaks solely of political correctness. The clientèle of a burger bar is there for low-health burger and chips, not a portion of your five-a-day. But nevertheless if you don’t want chips, you can still have a meal. I was intrigued to see what was in it, and so knowing that my bun would taste of crap anyway decided to try it out.

Of course, Great Yarmouth isn’t exactly health capital of the county, and Great Yarmouth McDonalds is about as unhealthy as you can get. The pure fear on the girl’s face when faced with having to get a side salad… “I’ll… er… just have to see if we have one of them…” It’s probably the first time anyone has ever asked for one there. They did have one, one probably being the exact number in stock for the day.

It’s not bad actually; way too heavy on the lettuce but then it’s cheap green padding stuff. The dressing consequently a bit too strong, but with more content in the salad it would have been fine. But I’m not here for a food review, so that’s enough on that.

The irony is that naturally with such a complicated order (A deli melt? AND a salad? AND three lots of cheese sticks? AND apple pies? AND… oh bugger this, go over there and somebody might bring you stuff!) they inevitably forgot about the salad and gave me free chips, which were just as inevitably greasy salty tat. Much more like the McDonalds we know and “love”.

January 31, 2007

Amnesia on Casinos

Now you may or may not be aware that the Amnesia party’s head office is located in Norfolk. We were one of those who were unaware of this, and we were reminded of this fact thanks to a business card in my coat pocket.

Apparently Great Yarmouth is going to get a Large Casino. Yarmouth is a deprived area (although of what I can’t remember, it certainly isn’t teenage mothers) with high unemployment (also known as a large number of people who have forgotten how to get off their fat lazy arses and do some work) and a failing tourist industry (caused by everyone forgetting why they would want to go there). This means that in the new 1500m² building coming up, there will be fruit machines paying up to £4000 jackpots.

Clearly this will help the local economy prosper, because it provides a reason to go to Great Yarmouth and gets people out of work. Moreover, once the casino is built, it will provide about 1000-1500 jobs which will help reduce unemployment in the area. Hopefully the spending will also increase in other places where you can buy food and stuff.

Some people are concerned about the possible effect that people gamble themselves into debt. This is something that the Amnesia Party is particularly concerned about because even for those who are budgeting it is possible that you may forget that even for those who are budgeting it is possible that you may forget that even for those who are budgeting it is possible that you may forget that you have put a limit on what you are spending. As a result the Amnesia Party is going to put pressure for the casinos to ensure that there is adequate protection and help available for those who are overgambling, and this will hopefully protect and help those who are overgambling.

January 08, 2005

Why I love BBC Local Radio

Their football commentators are so impartial. They have no bias towards the local team at all. You never hear them go into hysterisis when their team scores, not depression when they concede. Never even. No…

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