May 09, 2008

We <3 England

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According to the latest Rough Guide to England, we are a nation of “overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex- and celebrity-obsessed TV addicts”, and a “insular, self-important and irritating” nation.

Wow, they know us so well!

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  1. Sue

    I think one of the reasons that people are so obsessed with sex is that in a changing world it’s one of the few things that has remained a constant. And nobody is ever going to quite believe it, are they, I mean, are you sure? It’s not just English people, it’s a universal thing because it’s a basic need. Love is a matter of chemistry, sex is simply physics. Obsession with it is nothing new, though, you only have to look at the work of some of the philosophers from the past, like Sade, to see that in graphic detail (I got one of his books completely by mistake when I became interested in existentialism and got him mixed up with Sartre.)

    The book I’m reading at the moment has quite a funny passage in it, here’s an excerpt from it:-
    And the good news is that of all the faculties (memory, hearing etc.) the last to leave us is sexual desire and the ability to make love. That means that long after we’re wearing bifocals or hearing aids, we’ll be making love. But we don’t know with whom or why.

    10 May 2008, 09:19

  2. The Chief

    Don’t forget you are also rubbish at Cricket.

    12 May 2008, 02:55

  3. I tried to gloss over that. :(

    13 May 2008, 13:01

  4. Jennysis

    Awww, the polictical and angry girl in my office (Zoe) just agreed! LOL

    Too true Chief and I love that funny passage too Sue! :P Awesome!

    13 May 2008, 13:19

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