August 09, 2007

Learning Japanese with Luke – Lesson 1: Peter Pen the Prostitute

For those of you who don’t know, I’m off to Japan in November for a whole fortnight. This means I have to learn how to speak the language, otherwise I will be in a spot of bother.

I speak Japanese like a native of Bulgaria. Thankfully, my housemate speaks Japanese like a native of Japan (as long as you don’t ask him about cardiomyopathy) so he’s training me up.

In today’s lesson we will learn about locating pens.

Pen wa doko desu ka?
Penn wah do-ko dess kah?
Where is the pen?

Pen wa teburu no ue ni aru.
Penn wah teh-buru no ooh-eh nee a-roo.
The pen is on the table.

Pen wa isu no shita ni aru.
Penn wah ee-soo no schtar nee a-roo.
The pen is underneath the chair.

Pen wa kappu no hidari-gawa ni aru.
Penn wah cuh-poo no he-dar-ee-gah-wah nee a-roo.
The pen is on the left hand side of the glass.

Pen wa oita tokoro ni aru.
Penn wah oy-ee-tah toh-koh-roh nee a-roo.
The pen is where you left it.

Nande anata no bakana pen no basho o wakaru hazu da?
Nan-deh a-nah-tah no bah-kah-nah penn no ba-shoh oh wah-kah-roo ha-zoo dah?
Why the hell should I know where your stupid pen is?

I look forward to you joining me for your next lesson.

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    It’s an Asian language frenzy!

    09 Aug 2007, 11:33

  2. Roger Lindley

    Kalem nerede?
    Kalem masada
    Kalem sandalyenin üstünde
    Kalem bardagin sol tarafta
    Kalem biraktigin yerde
    Kaleminin nerede oldugunu nasil bilirim yaaaaaaaaa…?

    Done from memory. Impressed, huh?

    (Waits for some real Turks to correct it….......)

    09 Aug 2007, 13:27

  3. Roger Lindley

    (Two minutes later) already spotted an error!
    My hovercraft is full of eels!

    09 Aug 2007, 13:30

  4. I actually remember you posting that Mat, which is slightly worrying for my sanity.

    09 Aug 2007, 13:41

  5. You should learn something else, something that you might use when you’re in Japan. For example, how to order food :P

    05 Sep 2007, 08:22

  6. Who needs to find food when you can find pens? Well… thinking about it me for a start…

    I keep being taught the words for “meat”, “fish” (SAKANA DESU?????) and “vegetables”, but I keep forgetting what meat and veg are. I should try to learn them really – I don’t eat meat. :/

    05 Sep 2007, 09:36

  7. Jennysis

    Bulgaria… isn’t that east of Nodnol? Or is Nodnol the capital? I forget. ^^;

    28 Sep 2007, 16:00

  8. Nodnol, Bulgaria – rich in animal produce and mineral wealth, just south of Bosnia.

    28 Sep 2007, 17:40

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