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March 29, 2006

The Completely Useless Sports Guide #2

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a derivant of the floor event in gymnastics, in which competitors must prance around to music whilst utilising each of the ball, the ribbon, the club and the hoop. Guessing which film the gymnast is trying to show is sadly not part of the game.

Rhythmic gymnastics is almost exclusively done by schoolgirls, often those who were either bored with more conventional gymnastics or were fed up with the fat kid in 9F perving at her leotard during lunchtime. Although all the gymnasts have prefered equipment to use it is uncommon for top-level players not to be proficient in all of the items.

Each round will involve the competitor dancing around to music while doing stuff with the item, for example catching the ball, waving the ribbon around or throwing the club at the French coach. There is a team of judges who consider the music, difficulty of technique and synchronisation, then ignore all of that and roll a 20-sided dice to give the score for that athlete.

Rhythmic gymnastics does have a world championship, but the only time television cares about it is during the Olympics and the Commonwealth games, where it receives about half an hour of coverage. In each case a winner is awarded for each apparatus, and then they have to do all of them in turn for an all-round title.

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