June 08, 2004

Im afriad my blogging may be somewhat on and off

Im afriad my blogging may be somewhat on and off – am trying to find the will power and the energy to revise – but it's damned hard when it's so nice outside.

spent Sunday and Monday revising by the lake though – which was good

my next exam is on Thursday – so i am trying to revise for that as well as the last one on Monday which I am quite worried about – in addition to this i feel like im trying to organise a million and one other things – trying to cram in days of work for my current part time job as well as trying to sort some work out for over the summer

then there's all the stuff like orgnaising getting my stuff home and closing down the ntl account – which I fear is going to be awkward

ah well all will be much better on Monday when my exams are over and i've drunk the best part of a bottle of Pampero Rum

June 05, 2004

Degas – The Rape 1868–9

Writing about web page http://www.artrenewal.org/images/artists/D/Degas_edgar/large/The_Rape_CGF.jpg

I think that when most people think of Degas they just think of Ballerinas, Dancers and Cafe-Concerts. However despite coming from a well off conservative background he still painted many interesting images of Paris's 'darker' side, for example the images of prostitutes, the ironers and washer women, the absinthe drinker and the one linked above.
He's someone I would like to know more about.

June 04, 2004

Gustave Caillebotte – The Floor Scrapers – 1875

Writing about web page http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/caillebotte/raboteurs/scrapers.jpg

i think this is a brilliant painting – you can feel the varnish coming off the wood
his work is very very interesting, well worth looking at
not exactly in line with what the French Academys were looking for

June 03, 2004

Medical Trials

search for a summer job is getting desparate – anyone ever done this or have any knowledge of it, i know it's a bit dodgy sounding but times are hard!!!


The people who were talking about Botswana on an earlier thread – don't suppose you've been to Malawi have you?

Just wondering cos i used to live there (Malawi that is) and would be interested in hearing what you've got to say if you've been there recently.

June 02, 2004

First Exam

Just had my first exam yesterday, seems like i am or rather was the only person who hadn't taken one. Anyway it was Italian and it didn't go too badly, was quite frustrating though because there were some words that i just did not know or could not remember (eg pinacoteca) and as it was a no-dictionary one there wasn't a lot i could do about it.
Ah well 2 weeks to go.

May 31, 2004

Euro 2004

Ok am starting to get a bit excited now only a week and a bit till it starts, so any predictions??

I'm gonna be absurdly optimistic and go for England.

As long as Sven gets the midfield right and Terry and Campbell form a strong partnership quickly we'll have a decent chance.

Anyone else got any words of wisdom?

May 30, 2004


Whats going on with the trains??? i need to get from Wales to Coventry on Monday night – i dont think it will be affected apart from a replacement bus to get me from Birmingham to Cov – does anyone know any differently?

you would think the fourth richest country (or whatever we are) in the world would be able to cobble together a decent transport network but of course its not that straightforward is it!!!!!!!!!!

May 28, 2004

Impala Lounge Volume One

Have just bought this two cd set which is a 'pure selection of Afro Beats and Electro Tunes' – is seriously good – very cool, very funky, easy to listen too, even has a track by Cesaria Evora who played the arts centre the other day (did anyone go, how was it?)

anyway this is well worth a look for any one who likes afro beat, african music or just good funky tunes

May 27, 2004


We got a BNP leaflet through the door the other day and unsurprisingly it's a complete load of crap. Apparently 'Asylum is allowing hundreds of 'asylum bombers' to plan their atrocities in Britain…' hmmm… im not really gonna go on and say much more or i may implode with fury…

by the way did anyone read thta interview t'other day with Nick Griffin's daughter – i really felt that they let her off lightly in that and should have been much more ruthless with her…

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