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July 21, 2004

An improvement

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More artistic control over your blog such as being able to set pictures as backgrounds, both when your looking through your blog and when you make entries. As well as a choice of text colours, fonts, sizes etc. More of a freehand in deciding the layout of your blog and whether or not you want features, such as the calendar, to be shown all the time.

Is there anything that you find really frustrating about blogs?

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It annoys me that you don't seem to be able to make an anonymous entry, only a private one, I understand, however, that it could create problems however if people aren't attached to what they say then it could promote irresponsibility.

I found the whole picture system a bit fiddly to get used to, i was trying to simply upload a picture into an entry window, however despite closely following instructions given it just didn't seem to work for me.

Blog FAQs

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  1. is there a word limit for a blog entry?
  2. am i allowed to give out contact information?
  3. am i allowed to list items that i want to sell?
  4. are my blog entries monitored or is it entirely private?
  5. how do i get a picture to appear in the window of a standard blog entry, can i just copy and paste?
  6. also I thought Gonzalo's question about what happens to my blog when i finish at Uni was a good one

Marketing blogs

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Had another idea, it's a bit of a cheap trick but you could offer prizes or incentives to people who at the end of the year have the most popular blog or the most no. of posts. Just a thought.

Why should I blog?

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You should blog because:

  • it's a chance to air your views on everything from seminar topics to politics or cd reviews
  • you can leave entries to let your family and friends know what you're up to and how you're getting on (cheaper than phonecalls and less hassle than e-mailing)
  • at the end of it you will have a record of your time at university
  • could impress future employers if you mention that you are a practised and dedicated user of a modern and fashionable IT system such as blogging

Marketing blogs

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The elements of blogging that I would focus on, for marketing purposes, are:-

  • a journal or 'yearbook' of their time at university (as mentioned in someone elses answer)
  • a forum or means of contact for clubs/societies

*access to reviews, news etc on the latest books, dvds, cds, as well as a chance for them to give their own views

  • i also thought the idea of it being a means of contact with friends and family back home would be quite appealing to some first year students

As for how to promote the system – links and or ad's on both the University insite and the Student's Union sites could be useful in addition to flyers in the pack of info from IT services that they get when they move into their rooms.

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