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April 26, 2005

Eyelid myokymia

This is getting very irritating. My thumb and eyelid keep twitching involuntarily.

I must admit, if there is something wrong with me, I'm likely to inform anyone around. Constantly. I don't think I'm cut out for suffering in silence. My theory is that if you feel bad, you might as well get the pleasure of complaining about it.

Twitching eyes and thumbs don't sound too interesting though. In true hypochondiac style, I will consult my family health encyclopaedia…

Right, that's better. Apparently these are not just twitches, oh no. They have names. Proper medical clever sounding names. It seems I am a sufferer of eyelid myokymia and muscle fasciculation in my thumb. It happens as a result of stress and tiredness and it goes away naturally so there's nothing to be done.

Except complain to my friends of course.

April 07, 2005

Layla is mobile

I am now the proud owner of a provisional driving licence…


April 03, 2005

To do: revise the green cross code

Oh dear. I've finally done it. After years of saying 'I'll get around to it' before swiftly changing the topic, I have at last posted my application for a provisional licence. eep.

I am more than just a teensy bit scared about this. Having paid the princely sum of £38, I feel duty bound to give it my best shot and actually have at least one lesson. I really should learn to drive. The vague, misty and distinctly threatening future is drawing ever closer, and hopefully a little car should be a valuable ally.

I must admit, I'm not the most road conscious of people. I have had a fair few near misses when crossing streets, mainly through being engrossed in a conversation. It doesn't help that when I panic I tend to shut down, meaning that I stop doing whatever I was doing. Not the best attitude when driving a potentially lethal machine at 60 miles an hour.

Not knowing which side is left and which is right is a bit of a problem too. I think I'd feel a little embarrassed making my thumb and pointy finger into a little 'L' when the instructor told me to turn left.

That's a point… instructors! Everyone I speak to has a horror story about theirs. There are the angry frustrated ones who make you cry, the laid back ones who say everything is fine as you mistakenly turn onto a motorway, the purvy ones who are… well, purvy, and the crazy psycho axe-murderers.

OK, maybe I haven't heard anyone talk about the axe-murderers, but it could happen.

I can certainly see the attraction of the open road. Everyone seems to have at least given it a try. Maybe it won't be so bad, but just in case, to pre-empt any bad feeling from fellow drivers who I may (hopefully metaphorically) run in to on the road… I'm so sorry.

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