August 24, 2005

PGCE panic


Here was I fully intending not to write any entries over the Summer (not least to annoy Lizzie who persists in encouraging me) but I have been driven to it. Put briefly, I'm panicking.

Having spent two weeks in a primary school at the start of the holiday I have confirmed once and for all that there is no better way to spend my working life than as a teacher. I can't remember ever wanting something as much as I want to do this. Unfortunately this means that it is really really important to me that I get accepted onto a PGCE for September 2006, preferably at Warwick.

I have been madly trawling the internet for tips on making my application as perfect as a perfect thing, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. To be honest, I haven't even found exactly what's on the flipping thing which makes it somewhat harder to pre-plan.

So anyway, I thought I'd take a break and have a bit of a moan. At best, perhaps anyone with any knowledge of the application process will give me some tips on the alchemy of turning random facts about me into a golden personal statement, and at worst, I have at least vented some of my frustrations.

Ah blogs, where would we be without them?

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  1. i really want to do a pgce at warwick in 2006 too but i don't know where to begin. in fact i dont even know where to get the application form from or when it has to be completed by. i've been thinking quite hard about my personal statement though and i think the key to getting onto the course is showing lots of enthusiasm. having a bit of experience like you have had can't do any harm either. i'm going to have a word with my course tutor and try and show him how much i want to do the pgce here so that hopefully he can write me a decent and relevant reference too. apart from that, it's probably in the lap of the gods like most applications are.

    24 Aug 2005, 18:37

  2. Go to the staffroom on the TES website. (there's a link in my faves list) In there is a forum for prospective student teachers which is well worth having a look through – lots of helpful advice. Also I've found the book 'The Insider's Guide for New Teachers' by Sara Bubb really usefull. I think you can but it off the TES website and also amazon.

    24 Aug 2005, 19:04

  3. oh and applications info and forms are on you can sign up for the 2005 one giving false referees and then use it as a practice!

    24 Aug 2005, 19:06

  4. Thanks both of you. I'm going to look at that site now Helen and good luck James! Maybe I'll see you at an interview!

    24 Aug 2005, 20:00

  5. :-)

    That was a smile of encouragement, in the absence of actually having anything helpful to say, apart from a big don't panic.


    And there's another one.

    24 Aug 2005, 20:23

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