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October 24, 2005

hey sexy lady…tpp b and all that jazz

Writing about Shed's 21st from Blog of Em

Hey sexy lady…thanx for ur comment…i had great time lastnite, was such a wonderful evening…YAY!! Been very good, attempting to do work all day today, despite my deadness (fab!) in order to venture out tomorrow nite!!

I still have a lot to do and am a little worse for wear (including the toe of death…still it torments me but will not fully die!!! oh woe!!) The O is def not coming tomoro as she has a million books to read by tuesday (good luck with that one then!) and dont think other em is!! But i may well dare to elope alone! Yeeha!!

Will blog u/text u tomorro my little canapes…thanks for lovely evening ken's…

All my love,

Lolly and the toe of death xx

October 18, 2005

top b

Hey peeps, just to say top b was a good un' lastnite…(cheers em and chris!) (and also sorry…u know who u r and what i refer to…eek!)

Yet again, my random drunken behaviour resulted in various, er, interesting situations…(great!) thanks to ne of the randomers (hehe!) but please leave me alone now…i am no longer intoxicated and this also means i am likely to have lost nethin resembling a personality!

I apologise if u were one of the unlucky few to suffer me prancing about like a demented hobbit (interesting image there) but hopefully c u all next week! yay!
lv frodo xx

ps. beige t-shirt guy from classics social who i kept seeing and who attempted contact a few times…HOWDY…track me down and i will be co-operative next time mr sexy! c y'all

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