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November 02, 2005

Is the world in turmoil?.....have I got news for you

A few months before September 11th, my RE teacher informed my class that our generation has never had to face a global threat, such as WW2, or the Cold War,to name two examples. Ohhhh boy….how times have changed. I neither daily watch the news or read the newspaper. This stems from sheer laziness and the need to switch off and tune out of the worlds depressing state of affairs. Of course, bad news has always been a factor in our world, but since 9/11 it appears more rampant. The number of catastrophes range from Al Qaeda's reign of terror, to massive natural disasters like the Tsunami. Whilst America and Britain have remained engaged in an obscure war with Iraq. Where the line between good and evil is some what blured, and imitating a modern day version of Vietnam-will those in power ever learn 'war HUH wat is it good for absolutley nothing.............'.

Good old Tony Blair was once promoted as the similey faced new aged leader to take us away from the Thatcher years. He is now seen looking worse for wear and has dramatically failed to live up to his image of a 'nice guy' willing to listen to his fellow countrymen and women. He went to war even though citizens of Briton put on their walking boots and exercised PEOPLE POWER! which begs the question does people power still exist?

One of the arguments used for the validation to invade Iraq was the need to eradicate the tyrant Saddam Hussein, which indeed occurred as he is currently standing trial. However, this has left me pondering…if Bush and Blair went to war for the sake of hummanity, why do they not exterminate Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe?

The crisis in Zimbabwe was drawn to my attention via a friendship with a work college from South Africa. Although, Zimbabwe has been mentioned on the news I knew little about the problems the inhabitants of Zimbabwe face, and the almightly scale of corruption by the government. This was probably due to the fact that I prefer to blank out the sufferings of those in third world countries, and also a lack of empathy.I would like to take this opportunity to offer some information on Zimbabwe, you may or may not know…..

Mugabe is a Tyrant, a cruel insane dictator who does whatever he likes, without no control. In 1983 he 'ethinic cleansed' the Matabele nation by cordoning off 16000 square kilometres. After a 24 hour curfew was imposed. No food was allowed into the area and as the region was in the grips of a third drought in a row, thousands of innocent people starved to death. It is estimated 30,000 innocent people died, though the true figures will never be known.

The land seizures led to the deaths of many, and the displacement of some four thousand mainly white commercial farmmers, and an estimated 1.5 million black farm workers and their families. Mugabe does not give a dam, about the illegality or consequences of his actions. He has brought economic ruin on his country to save his own skin and to remain in power-and not for the ideological reasons he claims. The food in Zimbabwe has gone up 100% weekly, and the country is sliding back to the dark ages. Patients, many of whom are suffering from lack of nutrition or HIV, are being turned away from the hospitals.

Mugabe over a 25 year period, has empoyed terror tactics against all those he regards as a threat. He planned, committed or otherwise aided and abetted, a campaign of violence directed against the civilian population of Zimbabwe. He has to stay in power because he knows that as soon as he loses the protection of his office, he and others of his regime will, if justice is to prevail, have to stand trial at The Hague, for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Perhaps, a reason for Mugabe's prolonged stay in power and lack of intervention from the west, is the fact that Zimbabwe to my knowledge has no natural resouces, unlike the Middle East?

October 29, 2005

Its a wonderful life, the 7 wonders of life in Hobbiton (minus Elijah Wood he's moved to Sin City)

Hello people of Warwick University or elsewhere,

Tonigggggghhhhhhhht toniggggggghhhhhht wont be just any night, when all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, and weird men in a white van are outside ur dooooooor….

1.Men-who arent wankers, mutilated, or a lazy git.

2.Drink-coffee, tea, alcohol like half a cider, orange reef, double vodka and coke, double malibu and coke, and Lambrini…

3.Smoke-like a chimney and kill yourself for pleasure (we would like to add we do not endorse any type of inhalation, by non-smokers)

4.Drugs-take a trip once in your life (drugs can potentially ruin your life please be careful)

5.Petrol-go and have a sniff does it smell like smokey bacon Walkers crisps. Must be Esso.

6.Friends-always rely on those you can trust (dont shop your mates to the police)

7.Sin City-see it and you will feel like a good member of society (please be aware this film contains no violence what so ever, rated U)

Dont write or be philosophical about the wonders of life when you do not know yourself…..especially after being chatted up by a fresher.

What we do in life echoes in eternity…my name is maximus, decimus, Laurenus, Amyus, Emmus, student of the realm in Tile Hill, girls to a small bin, and a dirty kitchen…..

Try living in a bin its GRRRRRRRRRREAT!

PS I would like to take this opportunity to thank my two fabulous housemates love, hugs, kisses, and sycophantic bullshit…....

Rock and Roll Saves lives

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