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October 31, 2005

Maximus Humanitus…

(Lolly's random ponderings…)

As did many other people, I settled down to watch Gladiator on TV last week. Some of the more gory violence, I simply couldn't watch and I also cried at the end when our good old hero dies. A few people have expressed their surprise at these facts…almost implying im a kind of emotionally weak individual! Heaven forbid!

But if one isn't going to cry at the death of a hero, reunited with his wife and child, killed in such a horrific manner, what is one to cry at? If one can't stand to watch humans being sliced up like meat, is that so strange?

This fundamental loss of humanity in us is echoed in so many contexts of today's society. People don't think about the real effects of hurling abuse at a stranger in the street, kicking the hell out of somebody, throwing a random insult…When did we stop considering others as human beings with feelings and forget the fact that others can feel pain…physically and emotionally…?

I know a film is just a film: a piece of art. But we all know how much the line between reality and art is extremely blurred and often indistingishable…art often reflects "life," we become involved, identify with pieces and find wider issues reflected therein…

Maybe crying at Maximus' death isn't so strange if we look a little deeper? And maybe people's reactions should be a warning to us all to reclaim the real humanity within us before it slips out of sight altogether…?

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